adhika maasa · MADHWA · vrata

Vratas to observe during Adhikamaasa

some of the vratas which we can observe during adhika maasa:

  1. Nakta Bhojana : Fasting till night and bhojana only at night
  2. Dharana parana : one day upavaasa, next day parana, So 15 days upavasa and 15 days parana
  3. Akanda deepa: Deepa should be lit throughout day and night
  4. Eka bhukta: Before starting to eat food, one has to serve required items in the banana leaf. Till the end, he/she is not allowed to add any other item
  5. Mouna vrata: One should maintain silence during Mala moothra visarjana, Homa pooja kala, while taking bath and while having food.
  6. Laksha batthi
  7. Laksha namaskara
  8. Recitation of stothra / devaranama – 33 times

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