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Kompatti Raghavendra Mutt

Mritthika brindhavana of Sri Raghavendra Theertharu at Kompatti is situated just 10km before chinna Darapuram on the banks of River Amaravathi.

Initially the plan was to install rayaru brindavana at Chinna dharapuram. After the pradishtapana of Brindavana at Erode(which is believed to be the first mrithika brindhavana in Tamilnadu), Doddu rayaru planned to do another brindavana at Chinna dharapuram. While on their way, They got the dream where they were ordered to do pradishtapana at the same place(Banks of River Amaravathi)

Nearly 150 years ago the Dodda Rayar family of Chinnadharapuram   established the sacred Mrithika Brindavanam of Sri Rayaru on the banks   of River Amaravathi at Kompatti (Rajapuram) about 28 Kms from Karur.

This place is too remote. Access by road is possible with private transportation. The entire area around Mutt is calm and peaceful.

Those who visit Dharapuram, can plan Kompatti in their itinerary


Rajapuram Post (Via)Aravakuruchi-639201, Karur

2 thoughts on “Kompatti Raghavendra Mutt

  1. Thanks. This Brindavana was built by our maternal grand father’s grand father, the great Sri.Venkata Kuppanna Rao, the founder of Chinna dharapuram.


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