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Nava brindhavana at Erode,Tamilnadu

Nava brindavanas of sri padarajaru mutt is located at the banks of cauvery river in Erode, Tamilnadu. Indeed a very peaceful place.

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Details of brindavanas

The nine saints at Nava Brindavan Erode are as follows:

  1. Sri Lakshmi Manohara Theertharu (1670-1708)
  2. Sri Lakshmipathi Theertharu(1700-1715)
  3. Sri Srinidhi Theertha(1781-1787)
  4. Sri Vidyanidhi Theertharu (1772-1795)
  5. Sri Sudhinidhi theertharu(1888-1908)
  6. Sri Sri Medhanidhi Theertharu(1908-1926)
  7. Sri Thejanidhi Theertharu(1770-1806)
  8. Sri Thaponidhi Theertharu(1806-1838)
  9. Sri Yashonidhi Theertharu (1840-1856)

Sri Medha nidhi theertharu


Sri tapo nidhi theertharu


Sri Tejonidhi theertharu


Sri sudhinidhi theertharu


Sri yasho nidhi theertharu


Sri sri vidhya nidhi theertharu


Sri Lakshmi pathy Theertharu


Sri Lakshmi Manohara Theertharu


Sri Srinidhi Theertharu


Contact address: 

Nava Brindavan
Vasantha Nagar
Contact:- Sri. Krishna Murthy Achar
Ph: (0424) 2223141


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