MADHWA · sloka

sloka for kids


  1. Vishnu sloka
  2. Slokas on Lord Raama(for kids)
  3. Krishna slokas 
  4. Venkateshwara Sloka
  5. Tulasi sloka
  6. Hanumantha sloka
  7. Slokas on Madhwacharyaru 
  8. Rudra sloka
  9. Ganesh slokas
  10. Subramanya sloka
  11. Durga slokas  
  12. Saraswathy slokas
  13. Slokas on Rayaru

10 thoughts on “sloka for kids

  1. Awesome site. Feeling very sad to have visited so late. Kindly post some info for daily pooja for ladies and also let us know about gowri pettige (contents and pooja vidhana)


  2. Hi thank you very much for all the shlokas you have given. Can you also please post some shlokas for kids to chant while doing bath, eating food, before going to bed(to avoid bad dreams) and while doing namaskara to God and elders.


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