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Sode/Sonda Vadhirajara Vaibhava

Hoovina kare(Near Kumbhasi)

This is the birth place of Vadiraja Theertharu.

Ramabhatta and Gowri devi , A couple lived near Kumbhasi did not have children for a long time. Once they visited Sri Vagheesa Theetharu of Sodhe Mutt near Kumbhasi and Prayed him to bless them for a child. Vagheesa Theertharu replied they would be blessed with a boy soon and The boy should be handed over to the Matha(To be the next Ascetic) . Parents were not happy on hearing this condition. Swamiji modified the Condition even more as “if Gowri devi gives birth to the boy inside the house, The parents can keep the child, If outside the house, They have to give the Child to the Matha”

About nine months later, one day when the entire family except Gauri were having food, a cow entered the paddy field in front of their house. Immediately Gauri came out of the house and started to chase the cow away.

The cow ran away but Gauri sat down to relax. within few minutes she was in labor and before other members of the house could reach her, Gauri had already delivered a boy.

The baby was named Bhuvaraha and Later become the great Dvaita saint Sri Vadiraja Swamy.



The paddy fields which Gowri gave birth to the child is called as “Gowri Gadde”


It is approximately 25 kms away from Udupi.

Sodhe Vadhiraja Mutt

Sodhe/Sonda/Swathi is a small hamlet, Peaceful and non commercialized location in Northern Karnataka.

It is approximately 20 kms from Sirsi town

Sonde /Sode is accessible by well maintained roads. There are Buses plying from Bangalore,Pune etc.

Nearest Railway stations: Hubli. From Hubli, It takes approximately 2 hrs to reach sodhe



Sodhe Trivikrama Temple:

The ruler of Swadi  requested Sri Vadiraja Theertharu to construct a temple as there existed no Vishnu temple at that place. Sri Vadiraja Swamy asked the king to start construction of a temple. When people questioned Swamiji on the idol, he told them that the idol of Sri Trivikrama would come to Sode from Uttara Badari (in the Himalayas). He told them that the idol is being worshipped by Sri Madhvacharya and the same was seen by him when he visited him and Sri Vyasa in Badari.

It is believed that the idol was brought to Sode by Sri Bhutaraja. Bhutaraja started bringing the entire Garbha Gudi (sanctum sanctorum) of the temple from Badari.

The structure is in the form of a stone chariot. On the way, he is supposed to have been stopped by a demon. Sri Bhutaraja used one of the wheels of the stone chariot to destroy the demon and made it on time to Sode. Even today, one can find that the stone chariot structure housing the idol in the temple has just three wheels. Devotees visiting Sode must definitely visit this temple and observe the unique stone chariot and the three wheels. I believe there is just one other temple (somewhere in Tamil Nadu) where the idol is placed in a chariot like structure.




Dhavala Gange:

It is the sacred tank in the Sodhe kshethra and those who perform seva, Should take bath in Dhavala gange before commencing the seva

It is believed that this tank has all the holy rivers within it



Jackfruit tree:

There is a big jackfruit tree in Sode, under which Sri Vadiraja Tirtha used to teach his disciples. Once, a severe bolt of lightning struck this tree. Sri Vadiraja Theertha, the Bhâvi Samira, gave life to this tree. This tree is still alive in Swadi; the Matha uses its fruit for Sri Hayagriva naivedya

Other Sanctums consecrated by Vadirajaru:

  1. Sri Rudra devaru on south
  2. Sri veera Anjaneya on the west
  3. Sri Venugopalaswamy on the north.


Venu Gopala Swamy Devasthana
Sri Veera Anjaeya Devasthana
Rudra Devaru, Sodhe

Sodhe Vadhirajara Brindhavana:

Sri Vadiraja ordered / requested the king to construct a big Brindava enough for Him to sit and install a idol of Sri Veda Vyasa just opposite to the Brindavana. He also requested for 4 small Brindavana to be surrounded by the Brindava for Him. The king constructed the Brindavanas as  requested by Sri Vadiraja.

People who witnessed brindavana pravesha of Sri vadirajaru was speechless and sad.  When they saw the sky Sri Vadiraja was travelling in a pushpaka Vimana, They bowed and prayed to Him. He threw His Golden Padukas and His Saffron Vastra below which is still there in the mutt


  1. South East direction of the main Brindavana has Matsya-Koorma-Varaha Sannidhi.
  2. South West direction of the main Brindavana has Narasimha-Vamana Sannidhi.
  3. North West direction of the main Brindavana has Parashurama-Sri Rama Sannidhi.
  4. North East direction of the main Brindavana has Krishna-Buddha-Kalki Sannidhi.

The entire Brindavanas over and above the dashavatara sannidhis have Sri Chaturmukha Brahma, Sri Maheshvara, Sri Vishnu as well as Sri Mukhya Prana presence.

The main Brindavana has Sri Vadiraja, Sri Hayagreeva and Sri Bho Varaha sannidhi’s making this one of the most and sacred place for gaining Sri Hari Bhakti and getting peace and ridding oneself of unknown and known diseases and other problems in life

Tapovana near Sode:

This place is about 5 kms from the Matha and is on the banks of the river Shalmali.


It was there that Sri Vadiraja theertharu used to meditate upon Lord Hayagriva with a plate of “Hayagriva Maddi”, a special sweet dish made by him, on his head.


Coconut Offering to Sri Bhootarajaru:  The temple has a tradition wherein every devotee visiting the temple needs to offer coconuts to Lord Bhutaraja



for more information on Bhootarajaru click here: Bhootarajaru


Other moola vrindavanas in sode


Sti Vishwapriya Theertharu
Sri Vishwadhiraja Theertharu
Sri Vadhivandhya Theertharu
Sri Varaha Theertharu

Hulekal Vyasaraja Mutt:

After completing 12 years of Pooja at Tiupathi by Vyasarajaru, It was very hard for Vyasarjaru to leave the place. Lord Venkatesha Blessed him saying “Where ever you install my idol made out of Vishwakarma, I will remain there always”


There is a thorana Ganapathy at the entrance welcoming bhakthas to the Temple


You can also have darshan of First Mrithika brindhavana of Sri Vyasarayaru



The Famous Seva at Sode Mutt is called as Ishtartha siddhi seva at Sonda Vadiraja Math (Which means the Seva that fulfills one’s wishes).

Click the seva link to know about procedure and details

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