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Magha snana


What is the benefit of Magha snana

Maagha snaana can cleanse us of grave sins like killing a brahmin, ones own parents, a cow, a woman, a friend and destroying a foetus. Also, it removes horrendous sins accumulated from acts like stealing, lusting after guru’s wife etc.

When is Maagha snana?

Snana starts from the full moon day in the month of Pushya to the full moon day in Maagha

How to perform Maagha snana?

Go to river early in the morning before sunrise(The stars should be visible) , Do sankalpa and Take a holy dip in the water and do arghya


Maagha snaanam karishyaami makarasthe divaakare|
Aasamaapthi mahaadeva nirvignam kuru maadhava||

Arghya Mantra

Nama: kamalanaabhaaya namaste jalashaayine |
Namastestu hrushikesha gruhaanaargyam namostute ||(Arghya to Sri Hari)

Savitre prasavitre cha parandhaama jale mama |
Tvattejasaa paribhrashtam paapam yaatu sahasradhaa ||(Arghya to sun/surya)

The last three days of maagha maasa are called antya puShkarini. If taking a ceremonial bath on all days during maagha maasa is not possible, people should make an effort to at least do so during these three days

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