Aa maa ka vai · MADHWA · Pournami snana

AA-KAA-MAA-VAI pournami

Aa = Aashaada, Kaa = Kaarthika, Maa = Maagha, Vai = Vaishakha Maasa. Pournami on these 4 months are called “Aa-kaa-maa-vai Pournami”.

Snana with Sankalpa before sun-rise on these Pournamis drives away Tatwa-Abhimani Asuras from our body. 

 Morada-baayana (yatha sakthi) can be given on Pournami day, to sumangalis. 

 Maadulai in Tamil or Pomegranate fruit naivedya and Dana On Pournami, brings Santaana Praapti. Family grows with health and wealth. This day is very suitable for Satyanarayana Puja. ‘Aa-kaa-maa-vai Pournami’ is such a powerful day that it gives abundant Punya for Snana, Daana, etc.

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