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Naga chathurdhi & Garuda panchami

ಅನಂತಂ ವಾಸುಕಿಂ ಶೇಷಂ ಪದ್ಮಕಂಬಲಕೌ ತಥಾ |
ತಥಾ ಕಾರ್ಕೋಟಕಂ ನಾಗಂ ಭುಜಂಗಶ್ವತರೌ ತಥಾ ||

ಧೃತರಾಷ್ಟ್ರಂ ಶಂಖಪಾಲಂ ಕಾಲೀಯಂ ತಕ್ಷಕಂ ತಥಾ |
ಪಿಂಗಲಂ ಚ ಮಹಾನಾಗಂ ಸಪತ್ನೀಕಾನ್ ಪ್ರಪೂಜಯೇತ್ ||

anantam vaasukim shESham padmakambalakou tathaa |
tathaa kaarkOTakam naagam bhujamgashvatarou tathaa ||

dhRutaraaShTram shanKapaalam kaalIyam takShakam tathaa |
pingalam cha mahaanaagam sapatnIkaan prapoojayEt ||

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Naga chathurthi falls on Sravana Maasa Sukhla paksha chathurdhi followed by Garuda panchami the next day. This pooja has to be performed by men and women. This is a very important pooja for ladies. for the welfare of children, Mothers has to perform this pooja.

Ladies should take head bath with milk ghee instead of oil bath.

One who performs Naga chathurthi will not have the fear of snakes(As per sashthras). This pooja has to be performed with utmost Madi. As always Men has to perform saalagrama pooja and they have to keep the naagaru separately in a plate.

Abishekam for a Set of Silver Naagaras at our home

Perform Panchamrutha abhisheka , coconut water, pure water abishekam and later wipe it dry with a clean cloth. Then put the janivaara, gandha akshadha, Gaja wasthra(dipped with turmeric instead of kumkum). Then do Archana, dupam, deepam

A Glimpse of Pooja items and Neivedhyam


chiguli, thembittu, arulu, milk, curd, mango, coconut.

finally perform arati. the water in the plate should be mixed with turmeric instead of kumkum.

Prarthana Manthra

Vasuki Thakashakas saiva kaaliyo manipathraka
iravatho dhrutha rashtra: karka kodaka dhananjayov
yedhe abayam prayas santhi praaninaam praana jeevanam

If possible go to a near by temple where you can find Naagaras installed under trees or pambu putthu, Do Milk Abhiseka, arathi and pradakshina Namaskara.

Performing Naagara pooja at House entrance:

Draw two nagaras at the side walls of the main door. Out of that one nagara should be small. Perform pooja. Also draw two nagaras in the similar way on the floor near the main door. Perform pooja as well. Similar way draw nagaras on the mane in pooja room and do the pooja.

Food restrictions on chathurthi

Ladies should not eat food on the day of naga chathurthi. If needed can do palaharam. Try to avoid food during night or take some mild ahaara. few people follow the palahara without salt. Few items that can be consumed as palahaara are rava kesari, upputtu, avalakki, Mosaru avalakki, payasa etc. Do not consume milk in the night.

Under any circumstances if you are not able to perform pooja during sraavana maasa, You must do Naga chathurthi after deepavali amavasya

Garuda Panchami

this Panchami is called as Naga panchami or Garuda panchami. Few people worship Naga idol with Garuda idol. Few people perform pooja for Nagaru. Instead of turmeric dipped gajavasthras and aarthi water, use Kumkum as usual. Instead of raw sesame seed chiguli, use roasted sesame seeds. No need of doing fasting on this day.

Anna thammana habba: For the long lasting life, health of brothers, sisters has to pray on Naga panchami day. Sisters should also pray for the love and affection of brothers, and to live with out anger and enemity. Sisters has to offer soil from Termatite mount(Putthu) and naga panchami prasada to their brothers. As an exchange brothers will honor their sisters with gifts.

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