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jaya jaya veeve raghavendra lyrics


108 namavalis of sri Raghavedra swamy:

Jaya Jaya Veeve Raghavendra
Bhava Bhaya Nashaka Raghavendra
Thunga Theeradi Raghavendra
Mangala Mahimane Raghavendra
Anga Rahitarige Raghavendra
Thimannana Sutha Raghavendra
Kangalliladavarige Raghavendra
Bhoma Maruthi Priya Raghavendra
Venkata Namaka Raghavendra
Sankata Haraka Raghavendra ||

Veena Panditha Raghavendra
Gaana Visharada Raghavendra
Saraswathi Pathi Raghavendra
Saraswathi Vidhya Raghavendra
Kumbha Kona Vasa Raghavendra
Sudheedra Shisya Raghavendra
Pareemala Panditha Raghavendra
Bhasyakara Guru Raghavendra
Shishyara Vidye Raghavendra
Ayasadim Bare Raghavendra||

Gandhava Theeyene Raghavendra
Agni Sukthadim Raghavendra
Vipraru Leepise Raghavendra
Kshipradi Mayuuri Raghavendra
Sharanu Hogalu Raghavendra
Varuna Sukthadim Raghavendra
Chandana Vayithu Raghavendra
Suthanige Munjiyu Raghavendra
Sanyasi Agalu Raghavendra
Sharadagenyu Raghavendra||

Ashrama Dharisida Raghavendra
Pishagi Yage Sati Raghavendra
Mokshava Gaysida Raghavendra
Chathu Shasti Kaleyinda Raghavendra
Athula Prakashanu Raghavendra
Modalina Gurugalu Raghavendra
Yadavendraru Raghavendra
Adhikara Nammadu Raghavendra
Adhika Thondare Kode Raghavendra
Hariya Smarisalu Raghavendra ||

Parihara Vayithu Raghavendra
Bada Venkannage Raghavendra
Vadeyana Dayeyinda Raghavendra
Divana Giri Bare Raghavendra
Divana Doregale Raghavendra
Musalmanana Dore Raghavendra
Thateli Bhojana Raghavendra
Batteyu Muchire Raghavendra
Thirthava Prokshishe Raghavendra
Thateli Phala Pushpa Raghavendra ||

Vandisidanu Dore Raghavendra
Manyagalanu Kode Raghavendra
Doreya Nenapige Raghavendra
Gopura Virisida Raghavendra
Venkannage Pele Raghavendra
Madhavaradi Raghavendra
Kere Yeriya Mele Raghavendra
Kariya Shileyolu Raghavendra
Brindavana Maade Raghavendra
Ulida Shileyolu Raghavendra ||

Maruthiyanu Maadi Raghavendra
Keeruthi Padedaru Raghavendra
Uthama Dinodolu Raghavendra
Shishyarigelutha Raghavendra
Dakshina Dwaradi Raghavendra
Aa Kshana Hokaru Raghavendra
Ondu Dina Shrigalu Raghavendra
Maduvege Shisya Kele Raghavendra
Mruthike Kodalagi Raghavendra ||

Dwijhage Jhaguliyolage Raghavendra
Bhrama Phishachiyu Raghavendra
Mruthike Bharadinda Raghavendra
Suttu Bhudiyage Raghavendra
Shishayana Maduveyu Raghavendra
Ratna Hara Bharadinda Raghavendra
Agni Yolittaru Raghavendra
Hara Bekenalu Raghavendra
Kundadi Thegedaru Raghavendra
Nirinavanu Kele Raghavendra ||

Moksha Bekenalu Raghavendra
Mukthiya Nitharu Raghavendra
Desayi Ondu Dina Raghavendra
Gurugala Karesalu Raghavendra
Mavina Rasadolu Raghavendra
Aaduva Mogu beele Raghavendra
Magu Mruthi Hondalu Raghavendra
Aandu Vyathisidaru Raghavendra
Ramana Dayeyinda Raghavendra
Jeevana Vitharu Raghavendra ||

Parijana Harushadi Raghavendra
Tharalana Karedaru Raghavendra
Gurugaly Karunisi Raghavendra
Pranava Nitharu Raghavendra
Vanake Chigurisi Raghavendra
Viprarige Siribanthu Raghavendra
Shishaya Maganobba Raghavendra
Bisilali Baalalau Raghavendra
Shatali Neralanu Raghavendra
Icha Bhojana Raghavendra ||

Jathaka Bareyalu Raghavendra
Ondu Nooru Manujange Raghavendra
Muru Nooru Granthake Raghavendra
Brindavana Kelunooru Raghavendra
Pari Pari Rogahara Raghavendra
Jaya Jaya Mangala Raghavendra
Jaya Jaya Vitthaladasa Raghavendra
Nithya Nadadolu Raghavendra ||



5 thoughts on “jaya jaya veeve raghavendra lyrics

  1. Sir,All the posts tagged in are very good and also preservative one’s. But the addition of video’s & auidio’s of the devotional singers would be of great value too.


    1. Sir I understand the need of audio. Two things here: 1. I cant post copyrighted audios without permission 2. As i am using free version of wordpress, there is no option of uploading mp3

      However you can find most of the famous singers like vidhya bhushan, narasimha nayak, anantha kulkarni, seshagiri das, mysore Ramachandra dasaru songs in youtube


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