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Sri Bhava Bodha Anjaneya Temple, Srirangam

Sri Raghutthama Theertharu had stayed in Srirangam for writing  Bhavabodhas in East Uttara street from where he had wonderful dharshan of “Ranga Vimanam”

Sri Raghutthama Theertharu  wrote five grandhas known as Bhava Bhodha residing in this place in Srirangam.

He wrote Bava bodha Granthas looking at the Magnificient Srirangam temple’s  vimanam. Lord Anjaneya stood beside him and whenever Sri Raghutthama Theertharu  look at Lord Anjaneya for approval of what he had composed, Sri Anjaneya use to nod His head in approval.

After the approval of the Bhavabodhas from Sri Anjaneya, Sri Raghutthama Teertharu used to continue further.

Sri Raghutthama Theertharu had installed idol of Sri Anjaneya Swamy as seen by him during the writing of Sri Bhavabhodha and He is known as “Sri Bhavabhodha Anjaneya”.

As He was a witness to the commentaries written by Sri Raghuttama Sri Anjaneya is also known as “Gradha Shakshi Anjaneya“.

The Anjaneya swamy idol is above 8 feet in height



Uttaradhi Mutt
194, East Uttara Street, Srirangam
Tiruchirapalli, Tamilnadu

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