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Yatra In and Around Mantralaya

In Manthralaya:

Sri Venkateshwara Swamy Devasthana in Manthralaya

Sri Rayaru installed with his own hands the idol of Lord Venkateswara at Manchali and used to worship Sri Venkateshwara swamy every day before entering brindavana


We can find the temple of Lord Venkateswara about one km from Manchalamma temple, near the house of Archaka (priest) of Moola Brindavana.


It is the place from which The Stone taken from here(The stone on which Sri Rama devaru sat) used to  build Brindavana

One piece of the stone was left behind at Madhavaram, at the spot where it had been located to show the significance of the location and the event.

Manchalamma Temple:

This area came under Siddi Masud Khan of   Adoni. Venkanna was the Deewan of Adoni province and he was a devotee of Rayaru.

Rayaru told Venkanna that he wanted to enter Brindavana at Mantralaya as this was the place where he as Prahalada(Earlier birth)had done penance. Rayaru then sought permission from Goddess Manchalamma for constructing his brindavana.

The Goddess accepted. She appeared before Rayaru and claimed that this place would be so well-known that devotees would only flock to his temple and not other temple. 

Rayaru then told the Goddess that he would bless devotes only if they visit her first and then had his darshan. Even today, this holds true and devotes are expected to see the Manchalamma first and then enter the abode of Rayaru.



Manthralaya Raghavendra Mutt

-The place Millions of people visit every year with the hope and belief on Kamadhenu Kalpavruksha Sri Rayaru.

Sri Raghavendra Theertharu


Sri Vadeendra theertharu


Sri Sudarmendra Theertharu


Sri Suvrateendra Theertharu


Sri Suyameendra Theertharu


Sri Sujayeendra Theertharu


Sri Sushmeendra Theertharu


Sri Suyatheendra theertharu


Towards North:

Panchamukhi ( Sri Pranadevara Sannidhi) (24km)

It is situated in the village Gandhal, Karnataka. It comes under Raichur district. It is just half an hour travel from Manthralaya. Lots of autos run from Manthralaya frequently.

Cave- Sri Rayaru performed meditation

The cave in which Sri Rayaru – as Guru Raghavendra – performed tapas for twelve years is on the top of a hillock.

After finishing his pooja of Rama at the cave temple, Guru Raghavendra used to sit for medidation. While on meditation at this cave he had carved the figures of Lord Venkateswara and Sri Lakshmi on the rock. The tapas continued for twelve years.

The darshan that Guru Raghavendra had of Sri Hanuman was when Sri Hanuman was a pancha mukhi. This place has now been named Panchamukhi Kshetra

Legand of Panchamukha Hanuman

Ravana requested his step brother Mahiravana, the king of Pathala Loka, to help him in the war. Mahiravana came in the disguise of Vibishana to Hanumantha who was guarding Sri Rama and Lakshmana. He made Hanuman believe that he is Vibishana and took charge of protecting Sri Rama and Lakshmana from Ravana the mayavi.

Mahiravana in the form of Vibeeshana took Lord Ram and Lakshman to his kingdom,pathala. When the real Vibishana came, every one understood that it was the handiwork of Mahiravana. The task of bringing back Sri Rama and Lakshmana was entrusted to Sri Hanuman.


Sri Hanuman entered pathala in search of Rama and Lakshmana. As per the advice of Sri Vibishana, Mahiravana could be killed only by blowing off the five lamps that are lit at his place of worship.

All the lamps were to be blown off simultaneously. Sri Hanuman prayed to Sri Rama and then on reckoning that if he had to blow all the five lamps at the same time he needs to have five mouths to blow from. He then assumed a form with five faces – pancha mukhi –  (Varaha facing north,  Narasimha facing south, Garuda in the west, Hayagriva facing sky and Hanuman in the east) and blew all the lamps simultaneously, and then killed Mahiravana.

Bichali ( Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mritika Brindavana) (22 km)

Kalluru ( Sri Mahalakshmi) (62 km)

Manvi (Sri Jagannathadasara Sannidhi) (90 km)

This is the birth place of Jagannatha Dasaru. This is approximately 50 mins drive from Raichur. Bus facilities are available from Raichur to Manvi



Chikalaparvi (Sri  Vijayadasara birth place) (105 km)

Chikalparvi is in Karnataka and it is at a distance of 55kms from Raichur district and 10 Kms from Manvi town. There is no direct bus between Raichur and Chickalaparavi. Get a bus to Manvi from Raichur and Then get a bus from Manvi to Chickalaparavi


Nearest Railway station: Raichur


It is situated around 45 kms from Manthralaya. This is the birth place of Bhakthiyali bhaganna nadha Gopala dasaru.

Uttanoor Village , IEEJA Mandal, Alampur Taluk, Mahaboobnagar District

Sankapura ( Sri Gopala dasara Sannidhi) ( 50 km)

Because of the Poverty, Venkamma(mother of Bhaganna) with her childrens moved to Sankapura to work and earn in the new place. Because of their sincerity, Gudappa(Village accountant) did upanayana of Bhaganna along with his son. Bhaganna acquired siddhi by doing Gayathri Japa here.


On seeing the immense knowledge of Bhaganna, The king of Gadwal Rajaram gifted him fertile lands and a house in Uddanuru

Venisomapura ( Sri Vyasatatvagna Teerthara Sannidhi) ( 75 km)

Venisompuram is the place where Sri Vyasa Tatvagna Teertha Swamiji’s (Ieeji Swamigalu) Brindavana is located along with temples Sri Gopalakrishna Swamy &  Shodasha Bahu Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy, on the banks of Tungabhadra.

as per advise of shri Gopala dasaru, Venkataramanachar(Poorvashrama name of Sri vyasa Thathvagna theertharu) took sanyAsa from shri bhuvanendra theertharu

He also took the ankita of “vasudava vittala” and composed many devara namas


Vyasa Tatvajna Theertha, also known as Aijee Swamigalu, then preferred to remain out of the Matha Parampare and Remained as Hari dasa and Bidi sanyasi

Venisomapura is in Andhra Pradesh and it is on the banks of the river Tungabhadra.

To reach Venisompura from Mantralaya, one has to cross the Tungabhadra and pass through Ieeja and Chinna Tandrapad in Mahaboobnagar district, adjoining Kurnool district.


Towards South:

Ibharamapura ( Sri Appavara Sannidhi) ( 6 km)

This holy khetra is a village which is around 2.5 miles from Mantralayam

Ibramapura appavaru is an ardent devotee of Manthralaya Mahaprabhugalu

There is an idol of five Hanuman images which was worshipped by Pandavas. Madhu abhiskeka will be performed to this idol every year on the occassion of the Aradhane mahotsav of Sri Appavaru.

Detailed history:



Sri Ramachandracharya. residing in Mantralayam 09948814796.
Sri Krishnamurthy achar, Mantralayam09493846468, 07396111215

Adoni ( Sri Raghuprema Teertharu,Sri Ranamandala Anjaneya Swamy Temple) ( 50 km)

Shri Raghuprema Teertha, a direct descendent in the lineage of Shri Kudli Akshobhya Teertha maTa

In the year 1920 A.D. (Roudri Nama Samvatsara, Adhika Shravana, Krishna Paksha, Sapthami, Sukravara – Friday), Srinivasacharya was bestowed the sanyasa dhiksha by Shri Raghudhantha Teertha & Shri Raghukantha Teertha of Kudli Akshobhya Teertha maTa

Shri Raghuprema Teertha entered the brundavanam during the year 1943 A.D. (Svabhanunama Samvatsara, Bhadrupada, Shukla Paksha, Pratipadha).




ADONI – 518 301

Kurnool District (A.P.)


Chippagiri ( Sri Vijaya dasara Sannidhi) ( 90 km)

Vijaya dasaru attained Hari Pada at this place near Vijaya rayara katte


Nearest Railway station: Guntakkal

Sri Vijayadasara Seva Trust’,
Sri Vijayadasara Katte,
Aloor Taluk,
Kurnool District,
Chippagiri Post-518396.

Venkob Das (President) – +919052042932 (for advance room booking at chippagiri)

Three routes You can take to finish all the places

Route 1


Route 2


Route 3


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