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Hattibelagall Praana devaru

Everyone knows in Madhwa Community that Sri Vyasarajaru installed 700 + Mukhya praana Devaru temples across India. The next birth of Vyasarajaru, Our beloved Rayaru too did Prathistapana of Mukhya Praana devaru at two places and one such unique place  is called Hattibelagall.

It is a very small town in Andhra Pradesh and it is very much connected to Rayaru life as Rayaru did one of the Chathur maasya observation here

This village is between chippagiri and Alur. One who visit Chippagiri, Can also plan Hattibelagall in their Itinerary

The temple is also called as Deewan Venkanna Panta Anjaneya Swamy temple. Deewan Venkanna constructed the large tank which is located adjacent to this temple.

This idol is very unique as it has prints of Lakshmi narasimha, Sri Jayatheertharu and Sri Raghavendra Swamy on its upper side.


One can also find images of Aralikatte Narasimhacharya and Bilvapathrachar in the Idol

There is a small Brindavana here depicting the place where Aralikatte Narasimhacharya(devotee of Rayaru) and his favourite disciple Bilvapathrachar left the mortal body.


If you are travelling by Train, Reach Guntakkal and Take an auto/ mini bus to the village. IF you are reaching by Car, Drive to Alur and From alur it is 4km.

Hattibelagal hanumanta devaru.
Near Alur,
Kurnool District,
Andhra Pradesh.

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  1. Namaskara, we are Aralikatti lineage family, need some clarification. Plz can I have contact number. My contact number is 9390181432. Thank you


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