dasara padagalu · laali · MADHWA

Jo Jo / Laali haadugalu

Lord Sri Hari/Narayana

  1. Jo jo yashodeya kandha
  2. Jo Jo Shri Krishna Paramananda
  3. Laali laali namma hariye laali
  4. tugire rangana
  5. Jo jo jo jo jo rangadhaama
  6. Lali pavana charana lali agaharana
  7. Laali Govinda laali
  8. Lalisidhalu magana
  9. laali sri hayavadhana
  10. Jagadoddharana adisidale yashode
  11. Keshavadhi moorthigala jogula pada

Sri Raghavenra Theertharu

  1. Jo jo jo raghavendra
  2. tugire rayara

7 thoughts on “Jo Jo / Laali haadugalu

  1. Marvellous Collection. Very Rare Gems. For people in Southern Tamil Nadu it is very difficult to get these type of collection — lyrics in English for people who do not know to read / write kannada. Please upload more such lyrics of songs & slokas. Also please upload audios in mp3 format which one download and chant with the lyrics for proper pronunciation. We would be too obliged if the admin can consider our request and do the needful.
    Warm Regards
    Rama Rao Srinath


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