chathur maasa · MADHWA · Tapta mudra dharana

Tapta mudra dharana

The ritual of Tapta Mudra Dharana is a very important for all madhwas. It is as significant as wearing Yagnopavita. 

Ashada Shu. Ekadashi is the day meant for Tapta- Mudra-dhaarana. Chakra and Shanka Mudras are heated in Homa-Agni and branded on the body on the appropriate parts. Men have this Mudra on their shoulders and women on their fore-arms above the palms; Chakra right side, Shanka, left side. 

Shanka-Chakra Mudra Dhaarana is a symbol of Vishnu Bhakti. With this in mind, we use Gopi- Chandana Nama Mudra daily. Just as Yag-nyopa- Veeta (Janivaara) is the symbol of a Brahmana, this Mudra is the symbol of a Vishnu-Bhakta.

This ritual is said to purify the body, cleanse one from his past sins. Also, according to learned opinion, this is said to have a positive effect on the nervous system of a person.

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