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Tula snana

  • Kaveri Sankraman Snan normally takes place in mid-October. It is associated with the river Kaveri
  • when the sun enters Tula Rasi (Tula sankramana,) a fountain from a small tank fills the bigger holy tank at Talakaveri.
  • It is mentioned in Agni Purana that sixty six crore teerthas of all the fourteen worlds enter into Cauvery in the month of Tula (Aippasi).
  • Tula SnAnam is done before Sun Rise optimally every day in Tula Month . If it is not possible , atleast perfrom the SnAnam for a day in one of the above stalams on the bank of Cauvery .

The devotee should get up in Brahma muhurtham (4 a.m.), meditate on Bhagavan, wash teeth, attend to ablutions and then bathe in Kaveri. He should offer flowers to Kaveri with both hands, prostrate to the river and Sri Ranganatha and offer Arghyam of water. He should do Sandhyavandanam and listen to Tula Puranam from a Pouranika after worshipping him.

Distribute maradha bhagina and vilyadhaadike to as many suhasinis as possible

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