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Dhanurmasa is from the day Soorya enters Dhanur Rasi till he moves to the next Rasi. Puja performed during this month brings ‘more fruitful’.

Early morning (4.30 am to 6.30) a.m. is the appropriate time for Dhanurmasa Puja. Those who perform Puja, Naivedya during this time, is rewarded with ‘Adhrishta Phala’.

‘Usha-h Kaala’ is the time 2-hours before Soorya Udaya. Dhanurmasa is the month intended for getting up at Usha-h Kaala, and performing Snana, Sandhyavandana and Devara Puja. It is also meant for ‘Huggi Naivedya’.

Those who perform ‘Huggi Naivedya’ daily in Dhanurmasa get their prayers fulfilled.

Puja performed early morning when stars are still visible in the sky, is ‘Uttama’. If stars have disappeared, it is ‘Madhyama’. Puja performed after Soorya Udaya, is ‘not Dhanurmasa Puja’. It is just an ordinary Puja.

Smruti muktAvaLi” the reference work and authority for rituals says
“yathaa sankOchya satkarma bhunktElpa dvaadashIdinE |
tathaa praatardhanurmaasE kRutvaa karmaarchayEchCha maam “
meaning that just as one curtails rituals on a saadhana dvaadashi so as to be able to partake the meal within the prescribed time, one should curtail rituals during dhanur maasa so as to finish the puja before sunrise. However, there is one important difference.
During saadhana dvaadashi the emphasis is on completing the puja and the meal on time, whereas here it is only on finishing the puja before sunrise and not the meal.


  1. Kambali (or) Bedsheet Dana
  2. Shayya Dana for Dampatis for Sarvakshema: 2 Carpets, 2 pillows, 2 bedsheets.
  3. Huggi: Perform Huggi Naivedya before sun rise and give a portion of it as dana.

Huggi Neivedhya:

This dish uses Greengram (Moong daal or hesaru beLe) and rice as the primary ingredients. ShAstras rate the naivedya based on the proportion of Green gram to rice in the mudganna. The naivedya is rated as Supreme if the ratio (of greengram to rice) is 2:1. It is Good if 1:1, medium if 1:2 and low if 1:4 or higher.  It is said that Shachi devi, the wife of Indra, offered such Supreme mudganna mixed with ginger to the Lord and got rid of her troubles.

After completion of Dhanur maasa pooja and Huggi Neivedhya, Chant Sri Lakshmi Dwadasa nama sloka

What are the benifits of doing Pooja at different times?
Mukyaarunodaye pujaa madhyamaa luptataarakaa |
Adhamaa suryasahitaa madhyaahne nishphalaa bhavet|

We have to finish pooja when the stars are still twinkling. Pooja that finishes after the stars have vanished, but before sunrise, is considered as Better, whereas pooja that completed after sunrise is inferior. Puja performed in the afternoon is practically useless. We have to do the naivedya and puja atleast before 96 minutes of sunrise.

Benefit of doing Pooja on time in Dhanur masa
Kodandasthe savitari pratyusha: pujanaaddhare: |
Sahasraabdhaarchanaphalam dinenaikena labhyate ||

By doing one day of pooja early in the morning during Dhanurmasa, will get the pooja punya phala equal to 1000 years

Benefit of Huggi/Mudgaann neivedhya:
Dadhyaardakam cha mudgaannam dadyaachchailaagudojjvalam |
Susukoshnam sakamdam cha vishnave ya: samarpayet|
Drushtvaa tachchubhamudgaannam samtushto bhaktavatsala: |
Dadaati sakalaan bhogaan moksham cha jagadishvara:

If we offer Mudgaanna to Srihari in the right proportion(as possible as one can offer), he will be pleased and will give you all your requirements, finally Moksha also

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