chaithra maasa · Gowri · MADHWA · POOJA


Chaithra maasa Gowri pooja starts on Chaithra shukhla Triteeya

  1. First Perform Thulasi Pooja, then start Gowri Pooja.
  2. Make Gowri with Arisina (turmeric)
  3. Do Puja with kumkuma to Gowri and also to Parvati Parameshwara picture.
  4. Sing Gowri haadu (Dasara padgalu on Gowri), Put Gaja vastra, Pushpha, Dhoopa, Deepa
  5. Do Naivedya with  Paanaka, Buttermilk, Kosambari & Fruits
  6. Do Mangalarathi.
  7. Invite Sumangalis and offer Taamboola Dakshina.

Ways to do this Gowri pooja

This Puja can be performed either on Chaithra shukla Triteeya or next month on Akshaya Triteeya or on both days. If possible, Offer Maradha bhagina to Sumangalis(MARADHA BHAGINA & UDI THUMBODHU)
Visesha Phala is for Thotlu Puja to Parvati Parameswara and then Udi thumbadu for Sumangalis.
This puja can be performed daily starting from today (Chaitra-Shukla-Triteeya) till Akshaya Triteeya day or on whichever day convenient.
Choose a day after Akshaya trithya which is not Tuesday/fRiday to do the Visarjan of Gowri

What is the benefit of doing This Gowri pooja?

Nirnaya Sindhu  says this: Those desirous of Putra – Sukha, and other Sowbhagyas, will wait for this Triteeya in the Vasanta Ritu (ChaitraVaishakha) and do this Puja

Sampradaaya Haadu on Gowri triteeya pooja vidhana


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