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Brindavana @ Mysterious Place – Karuvalur, Tamilnadu

Indhina Dhinave Shubha Dhinavu!

Today, We had an excellent opportunity to visit one of the unidentified brindavana in Tamilnadu, which is located at Karuvalur(38 kms from Coimbatore) on the banks of koushika river(It is completely dried now 😦 ). It is believed that this brindavana belongs to one of the 24 disciples of Sri Vyasarayaru.

The same koushika river flows near Bellathi brindavana.



This brindavana is located inside a demolished temple which is believed to be Sri Venugopala swamy temple(1700 years old). Moola murthy idols are missing. One can visit uthsava murthy at nearby local temple(Mariamman temple).

Front view of temple:

Inside temple:


Resemblance of UDUPI SRI KRISHNA
Sri Lakshmi Narayana
Sri Rama devaru
Sri Krishna Devaru

We could see multiple Hanumantha carvings in pillars throughout the temple.


There is a separate hanumantha temple nearby to this place which is taken care by people from that area.


Let’s hope that we will get to know details of this brindavana very soon!



Please search for:


Karuvalur Anjaneyar Temple

Sevur-Karuvalur Road

Karuvalur, Tamil Nadu 641670

(Nearest to Brindavana)

This temple is open 24 hours (better to visit before sunset for greater visibility).

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Kamadhenu Kalpavruksha Sahitha Raghavendra Theertharu

Poojyaya Raghavendraya Satya Dharma Ratayacha,
Bhajatam Kalpavrikshaya Namatam Kamadhenave

As per the famous sloka, There is a unique brindavana (Kamadhenu kalpavruksha sahitha Raghavendra Theertharu) located at Kannankurichi, Salem, Tamilnadu

This is one of the brindavanas installed after 2000’s. I am very much familiar to this place as our native is Salem. This mutt was just 1 km from our home. I still remember the brindavana Prathistapana day. It was such a grand function with Swamijis presence, Vidhyabhushan Kacheri etc. Thousand of devotees took part on the prathistapana day.


Apart from Rayaru brindavana, one can also have dharshan of Yoga Lakshmi Narasimma Devaru, Dhanvanthri devaru and Hanumantha devaru on either sides of brindavana


Kannakurichi is a small place located around 7 kms from Salem town and Ample bus facilities are available from Bus stand and Railway station

Nithya Nagar 3rd Street,
Kannangurichi, Salem 636 008


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Bhuvanagiri – Birth place of Rayaru

Everyone is aware of the place Manthralaya as it is associated with Rayaru. Bhuvanagiri , A small town near Chidamabaram, Tamilnadu is the birth place of our beloved gurugalu Rayaru.

Our beloved Raayaru was born in Manmatha Naama Samvatsara, Phalguna masa, sukla  paksha Sapthami (Thursday, Mrigashira Nakshathra) in the year 1595 at Bhuvanagiri near Chidambaram in Tamilnadu.

Born in Bhuvanagiri, venkanna(rayaru poorvashrama name) spent his earlier days for paata in Kumbakona and His ashrama sweekara has happened in Vaduvur near Thanjavur. In the history of Rayaru, We can see a significant period of time Rayaru lived in Tamilnadu.

The places where he lived is still exists today and his home in Bhuvanagiri has been transformed into a Raghavendra Swamy Matha.

Bhuvanagiri is near Chidambaram and it is around 7 kilometers from the Chidambaram town. There are plenty of buses and taxis from Chidambaram to Bhuvanagiri

Bhuvanagiri today is a small panchayat town in Cuddalore district. The Ragavendra SwamyTemple is located at 4th Patti street and it is ten minutes walk from the Bhuvanagiri busstand..

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Sarpa-Peeta Brindavana @ Thanjavur

Generally there is koorma peeta for brindavanas everywhere and there is an exception which you can see in Tanjavur Rayara Brindavana

There is a “Sarpa-Peeta Brindavana” of Sri. Raghavendra swamy, situated near Vaduvuru, on bank of river Cauvery, 5KM away from Thanjavur. Tamilnadu.

It was consecrated during rule of last Nayak king of Thanjavur, Vijayaraghava Nayaka (son of Raghunatha Nayaka), just before the start of Maratha rule.

This is the place where Rayaru did 12 years of deep penance after sanyasi sweekara. After Rayaru left to propagate the Madhwa philosophy, The King Nayak faced so many problems and he wished Rayaru presence in his kingdom.

Just after the Brindavana pravesha of Sri. Raghavendra Swamy at Mantralaya , the king had a dream in which Guru Rayaru appeared in his dream and wish to have his Brindavana at a place where he took his Sanyasashrama to bless the people.

The king was told that ” I would come in the form of Sarpam (Snake) and I will show you the spot to establish the temple” by Rayaru and things happened in the same way. He recognized the spot and engraved Sarpa’s image and installed Sarpa-Peetha at that place as a remarkable mark where Guru Rayaru took his Sanyasashrama .

It was the place where the title of “Sri Ragavendra Theertha” was given to guru by his Guru Sri Sudheendhra theertharu and he handed over the responsibilities of the Vidya Matha to Sri Raghavendra Tirtharu.

As instructed by Rayaru,  there is no ceiling over Brindavana. Rayaru wished the brindavan should be open to Nature. The pooja Krama followed here is based on the pooja karma of a sanyasi.

Unlike any other Mrithika brindavanas, There is no Mrithika consecrated in this brindavana during prathistapana as Rayaru himself wished to live here through his brindavana.

The temple priests give Mantrakshathe with Mrithika(Soil from the land where Rayaru lived) to the devotees

It is believed that This powerful peetha  can cure all doshas related to planet Raghu and Kethu in ones life.

How to Reach Vadavaru (Vadavaru Karai):

Thanjavur: From Thanjavur Old Bus Stand about 5 Kms. No bus facility. Walking through fields partitions. Autos only can ply.



Official website :


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Kaveri Karai Raghavendra Brindavana

This Brindavan is the first in Tamilnadu and is very ancient and the third in India.

The Brindavan is built on the banks of Cauvery in Erode. This is one of the most popular Rayaru mutt in Tamilnadu.

Rayaru’s Brindavan in Erode is almost 240 years old. The mutt is located with in 10kms from Railway station


Source: Google



Arulmigu Raghavendra Swamy Temple,
Kavery Karai,
Erode 638 003
Phone No: (91)-0424-2214355.

Manager: 98427 – 47341.

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Moola Brindavanas in Tamilnadu

Edit: I am adding more brindavana details. Sorry for missing few in my first update. Thanks to Sri B.Sarvothaman for bringing this through a comment and enlightening me!

I have tried to compile the Moola brindavanas situated in Tamilnadu. I will keep on updating the information as and when available. I have attached three different maps spanning 90% of brindavanas in the same region.

List of Moola brindavanas in Tamilnadu:

  1. Uttaradhi Mutt – 6
  2. Raghavendra Mutt – 7
  3. Vyasaraja Mutt – 9
  4. Sripadaraja Mutt – 15
  5. Other Brindavanas/Bidi sanyasigalu – 8

Uttaradhi Mutt

Sri Raghutthama Theetharu(Manam poondi)

 || bhAvabodhakR^itaM seve raghuttamamahAgurum .
yacChiShyashiShyashiShyAdyAH TippaNyAcAryasaMj~nitAH ||

Period: 1557-1595

Guru: Sri Raghu varya theertharu
Sishyaru: Sri Raghupathi Theertharu and Sri Vedavyasa theertharu

His Tippanis are called as “Bhavabodha”.  That is why he is called as Bhavabodhakararu

Shri Raghuttama Teertharu entered Brindavana in 1595 AD on the day of Vaikunta Ekadashi( Pushya Shudda Ekadashi)

The Moola Brindavana of Shri Shri 1008 Shri Raghuttama Teertharu is located at Manampoondi near Tirukoilur the banks of river South Pinakini (Penna) which is in Villupuram District of present Tamilnadu.  This place is also known as “Pancha Krishnaranya Kshetra

Manampoondi is a small village located located between Tiruvanamalai and Tirukoilur. Manampoondi is 36 away from Tiruvannamalai. It is at a distance of 2 Kms from Tirukoilur.

Contact Information:

Sri Sri Raghuthamma Swamy Moola Brindavana,
Manmpoondi (Tirukoilur) – 605759,
District: Villupuram,
Phone : 04153 – 24690

Sri Sathya Natha Theertharu(Veera cholapuram)

|| satyanAthaguruH pAtu yo dhIro navacandrikAm .
navAmR^itagadAtIrthatANDavAni vyacIkL^ipat ||

 His Aradhana falls on Margasirsha shudha Ekadhasi (On Mokshadha Ekadhasi day, also Gita Jayanthi)

Guru: Sri Sathya nidhi Theertharu
Sishyaru : Sri Sathya Abhinava theertharu

His moola brindavana is located at Veera Cholapuram is on the banks of river South Pennar. It is approximately 10 kms from Thirukovilur. Those who visit Raghuttama theerthara brindava, Can also plan this place as it is nearby.

Contact Information:
Sri V. Vadirajan
Brindavana Archaka,
Veercholapura – 605 755
Kodangal, Tamil Nadu
Phone: 04153-296938

Sri Sathya Abhinava Theertharu(Nachiar Kovil)

satyanaathaabdhisambhUta: sadgOgaNavijRumbhita: |
satyaabhinavatIrthEndu santaapaan hantu santatam |

Aradhane: Jyeshtha Shuddha Chaturdashi
Gurugalu: Sri Sathya Natha Theertharu
Sishyaru: Sri Sathya Poorna Theertharu, Sri Sathyadheesa Theertharu and Sri Sathyadhiraja theertharu

His brindavana is located at Nachiargudi(a small town) near Kumbakonam, Tamilnadu

Nachiargudi (Nacharakoil) comes under Thanjavur District. It is 10 K.M away from Kumbhakonam. There is sufficient bus facility to Nachargudi from Kumbhakonam.

Bus facilities are Available from Kumbakonam to Nachiar Kovil.

Contact Information:
Sri Gopal Rao
Shri Satyabhinava Brindavana,
Post – Nacharkoil, Vai – Kumbhakonam,
District: Tanjavoor,
Tamil Nadu: 612 602.
Phone: 0435 2466380

Sri Sathya Vijaya Theertharu(Aarani/Sathya Vijaya Nagara) 

satyapoorNaambudhErjaatO vidvajjanavijRuMbhita: |
dhanIdhvaMsItu sastaapaM shrIsatyavijayODupa: ||

Gurugalu: Sri Sathya Poorna Theertharu
Sishyaru: Sri Sathya Priya Theertharu
Aradhana: Chaitra Krishna Ekadashi

Shri Satyavijaya Teertharu entered Brindavana in Satyavijaya Nagar (Arani) on the banks of river Kaveri.

Satyavijaya Nagaram is a village in Arani Taluk, Thiruvannamalai District, Tamilnadu. It is about 240 km from Bangalore and 150 km from Chennai.


1/440, “Sri Rama Nivas”
S.M.Road, Sathya Viajaya Nagar,
Arani Taluk. Pin:632317 (TN)
Phone:04173 – 291915 / 9944463550.

Sri Sathya Priya Theertharu(Mana Madurai)

|| shrIsatyavijayAmbodheH jAtaM satyapriyAmR^itam .
jarAmR^itI ja~NghanItu vibudhAnAM mude sadA ||

Gurugalu: Sri Sathya Vijaya Theertharu
Sishyaru: Sri Sathya Bodha Theertharu
Aradhana – Chaitra Shudda Trayodashi

His brindavana is located at Manamadurai – just 45 Kms from Madurai (TN) . Manamadurai comes under Shivagangai District.

Contact Information:
Shri S. Ananthan
Shri Satyapriya Thirtha Brindavana
Brindavana Agrahara,
Manamadurai – 625001
District: Shivaganga
Tamil Nadu

Sri Sathya Pramoda Theertharu(thirukovilur)

satyaabhijnakaraabjOtthaan panchaashadvarShapUjakaan |
satyapramOda tIrthaaryaan noumi nyaayasudhaarataan |

Ashrama Gurugalu   –   Sri Satyabhigna Tirtharu
Ashrama Sishyaru – Sri Sathyathma Theertharu(Current Pontiff)

Contact Information:

Sri Pt. Ananda Tirthachar Chimmalgi
Sri Sri Raghuthamma Swamy Moola Brindavana,
Manmpoondi (Tirukoailure) – 605759,
Dist : Villupuram,
Phone : 04153 – 24690


Rayaru Mutt

Sri Vibhudendra Theertharu(Tirunelveli)

AkEralaM tathA sEtumAgangaM cA himAlayam |
nirAkRutAdvaitaSaivaM vibudhEndraguruM BajE ||

Period : 1435 – 1490
Ashrama Gurugalu : Sri Ramachandra Teertharu
Ashrama Shishyaru : Sri Jithamitra Teertharu


His Brindavana is located at Tirunelvelli (a town situated on the banks of river Tamraparni). He attained brindavana on the day of Margashira Shuddha of Sadharana Samvatsara in A.D.1490.

Sri Vijayeendra Theertharu(Kumbakonam)

BakthAnAM mAnasAMBOjaBAnavE kAmadhEnavE |
namatAM kalpataravE jayayIndraguravE namaH ||

Period : 1575 -1614
Ashrama Gurugalu : Sri Vyasarajaru and then Danda Pallata was performed with Sri Surendra Teertharu
Ashrama Shishyaru : Sri Sudheendra Teertharu

His aradhana falls on Jyesta Krishna Trayodashi.

Solaiappan Street
Valayapettai Agraharam, Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu 612001, India

Sri Yogeendra Theertharu(Sri Rangam)

sAMdrabOdhAya SAstrEShu nistandramanasE harau |
rAGhavEndra kumArAya namO yOgIndrayOginE ||

Period : 1671 – 1688
Ashrama Gurugalu : Sri Raghavendra Swamy
Ashrama Shishyaru : Sri Sooreendra Teertharu


Aradhana Tithi : Maagha Shukla Dashami

His brindavana is located at Srirangam , Tamilnadu


Sri Sumatheendraswamigalavara Brindavana,
Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt,
Raghavendrapuram, SRIRANGAM –TRICHY 620006

Sri Surendara Theertharu(Madurai)

yashchakaarOpavaasEna trivaaraM bhUpradakShiNaM |
tasmai namO yatIMdraaya shrI surEMdratapasvinE ||

Period : 1688 – 1692
Ashrama Gurugalu :  Sri Yogendra Teertharu
Ashrama Shishyaru : Sri Sumateendra Teertharu
Aradhana Tithi : Jyeshta Shuddha Bahula


His Vrindavana is located at  Madurai .


Sri Guru Raghavendra Swamy Brindavanam,
No.1, Venkataswamy Naidu Agraharam
(near Petchiamman Padithurai) Madurai.

Sri Sumateendra Theertharu(Sri Rangam)

poorNapraj~Jamataambhodhi poorNEndumakalankinam |
sujanaambudhibhaasvantam sumateendragurum bhajE |

Period : 1692 – 1725
Ashrama Gurugalu : Sri Sooreendra Teertharu
Ashrama Shishyaru : Sri Upendra Teertharu


Aradhana Tithi :  Ashvija Krishna Dwadashi(Sep – Oct)


No : 7,Raghavendra Puram,
Trichy 620 006
Ph : 0431 2432981
Ph : 0431 2431416
Mob: +91 9585599494
Mob : +91 9751795500

Sri Upendra Theertharu(Sri Rangam)

kRupaarasaamRutaambOdhimapaara mahimaanvitam|
upaasmahE tapOmUrtimupEndramuni pungavam||

Period : 1725-1728
Ashrama Gurugalu : Sri Sumateendra Teertharu
Ashrama Shishyaru : Sri Vadeendra Teertharu


Aradhana Tithi : MaaghaShukla Dashami (Jan – Feb)
Vrindavana Situated at : Sriranga

Sri Muneendra Theetharu(Sri Rangam)


Vyasaraja Mutt

Sri Sripathy Theertharu(Shenbakkam , Vellore)

Venkatesha padastakam Vadhibam Kavi Chaksanam
Sripathindra gurum vande sarvanthantreshu kovidam

Period: 1594 – 1612
Gurugalu: Sri Lakshmi Kantha Theertharu
Sishyaru: Sri Kambalu Rama Chandra theertharu


Aradhana: Ashada Suddha Dwadashi

Sri Kambalu Ramachandra Theertharu(Shenbakkam, Vellore)

vandaarukalpataravE vaadikairavabhaanavE
shrIraamachandraguravE nama: kaaruNyasindhavE |

Aradhana – Margashira Shudda Triteeya

Ashrama Gurugalu – Sri Sripati Tirtharu

Ashrama Shishyaru – Sri Lakshmi Vallabha Tirtharu

Sri Lakshmi Natha Theertharu(Sri Rangam)

nathamaneshtamandarah srinatha smaranadharah
lakshminathakhya gururadipsitartah pradosthu nah

Aradhana: Shravana Suddha Trayodashi


Gurugalu: Sri Lakshmi vallaba theertharu
Sishyaru:  Sri Lakshmi Pathy theertharu

His brindavanam is located at Sri Rangam, Tamilnadu


Vyasaraja Mutt,
Malligai poo Agraharam
Srirangam., Trichy

Sri Lakshmi Pathy Theertharu(Srirangam)

Lakshmi nathabdhi sambhutho  Lakshmi Pathyakhya Chandranah
Sadhu sandoha Kumuda modah sampatu nah sada

Aradhana: Karthika suddha Ekadashi


Gurugalu: Sri Lakshmi Natha theertharu
Sishyaru:  Sri Lakshmi Narayana theertharu

Sri Jagannatha Theertharu(Kumbakonam)

vidvatpankaja maartaanDa: vaadimattEbhakEsarI|
jagannaathagururbhUyaat jyaayasE shrEyasE mama |

Ashrama Gurugalu – Sri Sheshachandrikacharyaru
Ashrama Shishyaru – Sri Srinatha Tirtharu


Aradhana: Pushya suddha Dweetiya

Sri Vidhya Natha Theertharu(Kumbakonam)

vadhiyutha pasandoha garva patina kesari
naijanarthidho bhuyad vidya natha guru sriyah

Ashrama guru: Sri Sri Natha Theertharu
Sishyaru: Sri Vidyapathi theertharu


Aradhana: Vaishaka suddha ekadashi

Sri Vidhya Pathi Theertharu(Kumbakonam)

vaadivaaraNagarvaaNaam ChEdE kanTIravassadaa |
vidyaapati gururbhUyaanman manObhIShTasiddayE ||

Ashrama GurugaLu – Sri Vidyanaatha Thirtharu
Ashrama Shishyaru – Sri Vidyavallabha Thirtharu


Aradhana: Vaishaka Shukla chathurdhi

Sri Vidhya sridhara Theertharu(srirangam)

durvadi mattamatanga kanthirava udaradih
vidhya sridara yogisah sreyas bhyastumeh

Ashrama GurugaLu – Sri Vidhya sri Sindhu Theertharu
Ashrama Shishyaru – Sri Vidya srinivasa theertharu


Aradhana: Chaithra bahula chathurdhi

Sri Vidhya Varidhi theertharu(Srirangam)

sri krishnanungriyu gasakatamanaso yatisattamah
srimadvidhyavaridhirme gurubuyadabishtadah

Ashrama GurugaLu – Sri Vidhya Ratnakara Theertharu
Ashrama Shishyaru – Sri Vidya Prasanna theertharu


Aradhana: Bhadrapada Suddha panchami

Sri Sripadaraja Mutt

Parasurama Theertharu(Sri Rangam)

sankarShaNa karaabjOttha: vidvatkumudabaandha va: |
parashuraamaaKyayat i: raajataam mamamaanasE |

Aradhana: Phalguna Shudda Hunnime

Gurugalu: Sri Sankarshana Theertharu
Sishyaru: Sri Adiraja Theertharu

His brindavana is located at Chanda Pushkarani near Sri Rangam

Sri Aadi Raja Theertharu(Srirangam)

paraSuraama karOtthaM suSaabtyaadiguNaarNavaM|
tatva |pradipaamRutaasaktaM AdiraajaguruMbhajE ||

Aradhana: Pushya Suddha Dashami


Gurugalu: Parasurama Theertharu
Sishyaru: Sri Sathya vrata Theertharu

Sri Sathya Vrata theertharu(Sri Rangam)

 lOkEShu viKyaata sukIrtimabtaM dhImabtamaadyaM kShitipaalajaatam |
satyavrataM j~jaanaviraagayuktaM bhaktaMharEssatyavrataM BajEhaM ||

Gurugalu: Sri Adhiraja Theertharu
Sishyaru: Sri Swarna varna theertharu

Aradhana: Chaithra Suddha hunnime

Sri SwarnaVarna Theertharu(Sri Rangam)
vasudhaatalaviKyaataM vairaagyaadi guNaarNavaM |
vEdavEdaaMga chaturaM svarNavarNaguruM bhajE ||
Gurugalu: Sri Sathya Vara Theertharu
Sishyaru: Sri Sripadaraja TheertharuAradhana: Jyeshta Bahula Chauthi


Contact Information:

# 48, South Chittirai Steet
Contact:- Sri. Ragothama Achar & Sri Gururajachar
Ph:- (0431) 2431344

Sri Lakshmi Manohara Theertharu(Palliapalayam, Erode)

SrIrangaviThThalaasaktaM raghunaathaabdhichandiraM |
lakShmIkaTaakSha paatraM taM bhajElakShmImanOharaM ||

Gurugalu: Sri Raghu Natha Theertharu
Sishyaru: Sri Lakshmi Pathy Theertharu


Aradhana: Pushya Suddha Hunnime

Contact information:

Nava Brindavan
Vasantha Nagar
Tiruchanduru Taluk
Contact:- Sri. Krishna Murthy Achar
Ph: (0424) 2223141

Sri Lakshmi Pathi theertharu(Palliapalayam, Erode)

suKatIrthamataadbiMdu jaataM lakShmImanOharaat |
sarvaabhIShTapradaMnrUNaaM lakShmIpati guruM bhajE ||

Gurugalu: Sri Lakshmi Manohara Theertharu
Sishyaru: Sri Lakshmi Natha Theertharu


Aradhana: Ashada Suddha Dwadasi

Sri Lakshmi Kantha Theertharu(Venkarai)

narasiMhapadaasaktaM bhaktaabhIShTapradaayakam |
vij~jaanavimalaM SaantaM lakShmIkaantaguruM bhajE ||

Gurugalu: Sri Lakshmi Natha Theertharu
Sishyaru: Sri sri Kantha Theertharu

Aradhana: Jyeshta Suddha Chathurdashi

Contact information:

Paramattivellore Taluk
Namakkal District
Contact:- Sri. Guru Prasad
Ph: (04324) 270555

Sri Srinidhi Theertharu(Pallipalayam, Erode)

susaMstuti praNayana prasanna gururaajakam |
guruM SrInidhitIrthaaKyaM sat SrIkaantamaa bhajE ||

Gurugalu: Sri sri KanthaTheertharu
Sishyaru: Sri  Tejonidhi Theertharu


Aradhana: Ashwija Bahula Saptami

Sri Sri Vidhya nidhi theertharu(Pallipalayam, Erode)

vidyaaMbhOdisaMbhUtaM viduShaaMcha sadaapriyaM |
pUjayantaM viThThaalaadIn vandE vidyaanidhiMmudaa ||


Aradhana: Vaishaka suddha padhya

Sri Suguna Nidhi Theertharu(Bhavani)

BavAni puragAnadyAH kAvEryAH tIrasamsthitam |
mUlE shAKA maTElInam tam vandE sumathinidhim

Gurugalu: Sri Sugyananidhi theertharu
Sishyaru: Sri Sudhi nidhi theertharu


Aradhana: Ashada suddha saptami

Contact information:

Kaveri Road
Bhavani – 638 301
Contact:- Sri. Krishna Murthy Achar
Ph: (0424) 2223141

Sri Sudhi nidhi Theertharu(Pallipalayam, Tamilnadu)

satyadIptaM vaSyavaachaM yamaadyeraShTabhiryutaM |
haMsaadhISaM niShEvadhvaM sudhInidhividhiM budhaaH ||

Gurugalu: Sri Suguna nidhi theertharu
Sishyaru: Sri Medha nidhi theertharu


Aradhana: Phalguna bahula Ashtami

Sri Medha nidhi theertharu(Palliapalayam, Erode)

Gopinaatha SaRpayaadhi Vairaagya GuNashaalini|
MeDhaaniDhi Guroon vamdhe SachiShyaapannivaar akan||

Gurugalu: Sri Sudhi nidhi theertharu
Sishyaru: Sri daya nidhi theertharu


Aradhana: Karthika Amavasya

Sri Tejo nidhi Theertharu(Palliapalyam, Erode)


Sri Yasho nidhi Theertharu(Palliapalayam, Erode)

Aradhana – Pushya Shudda Dashami
Ashrama Gurugalu – Sri Taponidhi Tirtharu
Ashrama Shishyaru – Sri Ananda Nidhi Tirtharu


Sri Tapo nidhi Theertharu(Pallipalayam, Erode)


Other Yathigalu/Bidi Sanyasis

Sri Vidhyapathi Theertharu(Shenbakkam)


Sri Sathyaadhiraja Theertharu(Shenbakkam)


Four Sishyas of Sathyadhiraja theertharu(Bidi Sanyasis)

  1. Sri Kesava Udyaru(Shenbakkam)
  2. Sri Govindha Madhva Udayaru(Shenbakkam)
  3. Sri Bhoovaraha Udayaru(Shenbakkam)
  4. Sri Raghunatha Udayaru(Shenbakkam)

Sankarashana Wodeyaru(Polur)

Read more: Sri Sankarshana Wodeyar – The Saint of Karapoondi


Ranga wodeyaru(Sathya Vijaya nagara/aarani)

Sri Madhwanatha thirtharu(Srirangam)

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Sri Srinidhi thirtharu(Balegaru matha, Anichampalayam)


Sri Raghudhwaja thirtharu(Sathyamangalam)


Recently identified brindavanagalu near coimbatore:

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Bellathi sri Lakshmi dhara thirtharu
Karuvalur brindavana(unidentified – probably one of the 22 bidi sanyasi sishyaru of sri Vyasarayaryu)

Most of the brindavanas are located with in three major areas:

Map 1:(in and around Erode, Tamilnadu)

Railway station: Erode


Map 2:(in and around Trichy, Tamilnadu)

Railway station: Trichy



Map 3:(in and around Vellore, Tamilnadu)

Railway station: Katpaadi