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Brindavana @ Mysterious Place – Karuvalur, Tamilnadu

Indhina Dhinave Shubha Dhinavu!

Today, We had an excellent opportunity to visit one of the unidentified brindavana in Tamilnadu, which is located at Karuvalur(38 kms from Coimbatore) on the banks of koushika river(It is completely dried now 😦 ). It is believed that this brindavana belongs to one of the 24 disciples of Sri Vyasarayaru.

The same koushika river flows near Bellathi brindavana.



This brindavana is located inside a demolished temple which is believed to be Sri Venugopala swamy temple(1700 years old). Moola murthy idols are missing. One can visit uthsava murthy at nearby local temple(Mariamman temple).

Front view of temple:

Inside temple:


Resemblance of UDUPI SRI KRISHNA
Sri Lakshmi Narayana
Sri Rama devaru
Sri Krishna Devaru

We could see multiple Hanumantha carvings in pillars throughout the temple.


There is a separate hanumantha temple nearby to this place which is taken care by people from that area.


Let’s hope that we will get to know details of this brindavana very soon!



Please search for:


Karuvalur Anjaneyar Temple

Sevur-Karuvalur Road

Karuvalur, Tamil Nadu 641670

(Nearest to Brindavana)

This temple is open 24 hours (better to visit before sunset for greater visibility).

9 thoughts on “Brindavana @ Mysterious Place – Karuvalur, Tamilnadu

  1. This need to be preserved at any cost.. lot of hindu temples have been demolished and mosque has been built.. this should not become one such


  2. Are you arranging or will you arrange for a trip to all brindhavanas mentioned in this blog. We all are 60+ and if you can arrange we are ready to pay you. We are from Bangalore


  3. Very majestic and powerful sculptures which need to be protected and educated.. soon renovations need to be done and researches also need to be done


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