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A hidden jewel in Hyderabad

Almost a year back, I received forward messages of Sri Sathyathma thirtharu performing pooja in a newly opened mutt at Hyderabad. We badly wanted to go and have darshan from that point in time. Due to unavoidable circumstances, we were out of Hyderabad. A few months back, I got to know the facilities that are available in this mutt through my colleague Ms. Vani Mam. She had told me how pleasant it was to perform sathyanarayana pooja there on a pournami. We still had it in our to-do list then.

Yesterday, we went to visit Puri Jagannath temple in Bollaram. While just coming out, my husband asked me to try for that mutt address on google. It was around 7.30 PM. I was having a dual mind because sometimes Mutt would be closed by the time we reach. Google predicted our reach time around 7.57 PM. Still, he wanted to give a try. When we were about to reach, there was no power in that locality. We missed taking right turn instructed by google due to poor road visibility. It has directed us to another right turn. We were totally clueless in that condition.

We parked our vehicle on the main road and started walking towards the temple. It was completely dark and we got to see a small hill through our mobile torch. We started hiking that hill which leads to a Hanuman temple (A beautiful place).

Still no power. I was a bit afraid as we were just two there. No one else was seen nearby. We had a darshan of Hanumappa. wherever we see there was a hanuman idol there. By that time power was resumed. But no traces of mutt(I tried reaching mutt twice, heard a voice saying hare srinivasa on the other end, but due to low network coverage, call was not successful). So we decided to take a picture of Hanuman and leave. We thought of coming back on bright day time.


While clicking the above picture, I heard jhankate shabda. Wow! I feel goosebumps now too. While seeing through the trees, We had a glimpse of Sri Madhwacharyaru picture in the poster that is displayed in the sidewall of the mutt. Without any delay, we started going down the hill towards the mutt and yes we found the place!

We had a wonderful darshan and blessings of Sri Hayagreeva, Panchamukhi Anjaneya and Sri Jaya theertharu there.

ನೋಡು ನೋಡು ಟೀಕಾಚಾರ್ಯರ
ಮಾಡು ವಂದನೆಗಳ ಬೇಡು ವರಗಳನ್ನು!!

Stay tuned! I will be adding more daytime pictures soon.


Sri JGRST Mutt (Sri Hayagreeva, Mukhya Praana,Jayatheertha and Raghavendra Swamy Sannidhana)

 Phase 2, Mahadevpur Colony, Hyderabad, Telangana 500072

Phone: 089858 81004
Main entrance
Sri Hayagreeva, Sri Panchamukhi Anjaneya sahitha Sri jaya thirthara brindavana
Donations are welcome!

One thought on “A hidden jewel in Hyderabad

  1. Very glad to know child. Please provide more details on

    1. Transport facility to mutt
    2. Staying facility
    3. 3 day sava’s allowed?
    4. Daily program details
    5. Thirtha prasada details
    6. Mutt website


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