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Adhika maasa

After a long time, happy to be active in blogging. I am very much excited to blog about Adhika maasa which is going to commence soon.

The day when Surya moves from one Raasi to next Raasi is called as Sankramana. This comes between two Amavasyas. If Sankramana does not occur in between two Amavasyas, in any month, that month is called as “Adhika Maasa”.

Adhika Maasa comes once in 32 and a half months. As a rule, auspicious functions are not to be performed in Adhika Maasa.

Adhika Maasa is observed by Chandramana followers only.

Another name of Adhika Maasa is ‘Mala Maasa‘.

Purshothama maasa

Sri Purushottama is the masa niyamaka for this adhika maasa. That is why it is called as
“Purushottama Maasa”.  In the Sankalpa during Adhika-maasa Snana and Daana, we say ‘Purushottama Preetyartham’ at the beginning and ‘Purushottama Preeyatam’ at the end.


  • The following Shuba-karyas should not be performed in Mala Maasa: Upakarma, Choodakarma (the first tonsuring for the child), Upanayana, vivaha, bhoomi pooja, buying and wearing new clothes and jewelries, starting a new vrata etc
  • Pumsavana, Seemanta, Namakarana, Annaprashana can be performed
  • The Vrata started before Adhika Maasa can be continued in Adhika Maasa.
  • Vratas like Dharana parana vrata, Laksha Batti, Laksha Deepa, Laksha Namaskara, Laksha PushpaArchana during Adhika Maasa, paves the way for good results in life.
  • Adhika Maasa is the most golden time for Danas. bhojana, morada baayana, etc
  • 33 Apoopas, 33 fruits, 33 silver items, 33 gold items(if possible),  if given as daana, to please the Lord, its phala is uncountable.

Why 33 is significant?

Adhika Maasa is a parva kaala which comes once in 33 months. In this Punya Kaala we please 33 Devategalu at a time.

33 Devatas in Adhika Maasa

Ashta-Vasus 8
Ekadasa-Rudras 11
Dwadasa-Adityas 12
Prajapati and Vashatkaara 2
Total  33

Vishnu is present in all these 33 Devatas in respective Roopas as Antaryami.

Purushothama temple in Tamilnadu

 There is a temple near Srirangam by name Uttamar Koil. This is situated on the other the bank of the Kollidam river from Srirangam. Here the Lord is ‘Purushottama’. Pilgrims are more here during Adhika Maasa. Every adhika maasa, we used to visit this temple without fail.

read the temple history here:

Lord Purushothama


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