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Kaveri Pushkara


Kaveri pushkara starts from 12th sep 2017(6.45 am) to 23rd sep 2017

What is Pushkara?

Pushkara is a rare event that occurs once in 12 years. The  rotation of Guru in different raashi every year is celebrated as pushkara in different rivers.

This year Guru enters Tula raasi and it is specially celebrated as kaveri(Dhakshina Ganga) pushkara

Benefits of doing snana in kaveri?

  1. To get rid of all sins
  2. To get rid of all dosha since births(jenma)
  3. To get the punya of taking bath in Ganga and all holy rivers
  4. It is believed even deva devathas are taking pushkara snana
  5. To get rid of guru chandala dosha

How to do Pushkara snana?

  1. Take bath facing North or east direction
  2. Do sankalpa snana
  3. Do Dana after bath
  4. Do pithru karya(Whoever applicable)

2 thoughts on “Kaveri Pushkara

  1. As per your explanation, the cavery pushkara must be for one year. But it is indicated that pushkara is from12th sept for only 13 days. Pl clarify.


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