chathur maasa · MADHWA · vrata

Vratas to observe during chathurmaasa

Mouna vrata: Easiest out of all the vratas. One should maintain silence during Mala moothra visarjana, Homa pooja kala, while taking bath and while having food. It is believed one who is eating food observing mouna(silence), Will get tapas pala of 1000 years

dharana parana vrata: From ashada shukla ekadashi, One should start observing fast on first day, Parana on second day and this process should continue till the end of chathurmaasa. It is believed this vrata was told by Lord krishna to Dharmaraja to get rid of doshas that came to him thru killing his relatives.

akhanda vrata: this vrata should be done on Dashami and Dwadashi. After taking food, he/she should not consume water for the rest of the day(Even fruits/milk)

alavana vrata: Eating food without salt during chathurmaasa

Bheesma panchaka: Start on Karthika ekadashi and remain fasting for continuous five days

Paraaka Vratha: One should do fasting for continuous 12 days. This should be done 3 times to get rid of all sins

Eka bhukta vrata: Before starting to eat food, one has to serve required items in the banana leaf. Till the end, he/she is not allowed to add any other item

chandraayana vrata: This vrata should be done from Ashada shukla paadya to amaavaasye or from Karthika Shukla paadya to amaavaasye. He/she should fast on Amavasya and ekadashi completly. On the first day, take one handful(thutthu) of anna and only 1 cup of water. Next day 2 handful of anna and for the day 3 , Three handful of anna and on the 15th day it would be 15 handful of anna. and on  16th day also, take 15 handful of anna and 17th day reduce to 14 thutthu, and the process should go on by reducing each thutthu one per day. on final amavasya day, do complete fasting

The other method is to take on all the days except Ekadashi and amavasya , 8 thutthu and maximum 8 cups of water

Diksaadhana vratha:  One should do bhojana sitting in different directions per each vrata

Ashada Shukla Dwadashi to Shravana shukla dashami  – East
Shravana Shukla Dwadashi to Bhadrapada shukla dashami  – South
Bhadrapada Shukla Dwadashi to Ashwayuja shukla dashami – West
Ashwayuja Shukla Dwadashi to Kartika Shukhla dashami – North

Gopadma Vrata

Ashoonya Shayana Vratam


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