chathur maasa · Dana · MADHWA

chathurmaasa danagalu

Nithya dana:

Giving  dana on chathurmasya starts from Ashada sukhla Dwadashi. You can either give on all 8 dwadashis of Chathurmaasa or You can give one whole year((24 Dwadashis) from Ashada sukhla dwadashi

What type of Dana We can give?

  1. Items needed for tulasi pooja(Turmeric, kumkum, oil, Wick etc) . At the end, Give Tulasi brindavana and Krishna idol. One who can afford can do tulasi brindavana dhana every dwadashi
  2. Payasa dana
  3. Salagrama dana
  4. pooja dravya dana(oil, ghee, sandalwood, tulasi kashta, cardamom etc)
  5. Gupta dana(You can give dana of krishna idol by keeping it inside butter/Sandalwood paste)
  6. pooja upakarana dana(panchapathra, deva pooja set, deepa arathi plate etc)
  7. Ghee & Honey(In separate small cups)
  8. Deepa dana
  9. Dampathi tamboola dana
  10. Panchamruta dana(pooja mantapa, sandalwood, chakranike, Pooja gante, shanku etc)

How to give Dana?

  1. The person who receive Dana should be seated facing East
  2. For all dana, Minimum 4 vilyadhale, adike, dhakshina, tulasi dala is must
  3. When giving food items as dana, It should be prepared with madi and NEivedhya should be done
  4. Other than the food items, Place everything in front of Lord and do offering
  5. Try to give all dana before taking food
  6. when giving dana to couples, Try to do urutani to Ladies
  7. The pooja vessels or dana materials should be made of brass, copper , if affordable Silver or Gold. Never use stainless steel or aluminium
  8. The dana item should be based on type of vrata
  9. Try to give dana to the Opt people who can use the items offered as dana
  10. Chant sri Bharathi Ramana mukhya prananthargatha sri lakshmi narayana prithyartham … sri krishnarpanamasthu before giving dana and do anusandana as if you are doing Dhana to almighty
  11. Do yatha sakthi Dana dharma


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