Bhagini Hasta bhojana · FESTIVALS · MADHWA

Bhagini Hasta Bhojana/Bhai dooj

This is the next important occasion that falls after Diwali and Bali padya

This festival marks the love between sisters and brothers, and is celebrated to strengthen the bond of care and affection between the two.

In simple words, This is the actual Raksha bandhan day for us.

 It is a day of food-sharing, gift-giving and reaching out to the innermost depths of the heart. Brothers and sisters indulge themselves on this day by giving each other gifts.

Yama dwitiya.

On this day, River Yamuna invited her brother Yama and offered him cloths and food. In this significance, the samething is followed amongst us. In North India, this festival is known as Bhai-duj.

This day sister’s pray for long life of brothers and invite them to their houses and offer all meal and sweet preparations

If younger sister is serving the food to her brother, she has to chant following mantra:

braatastava anujaataaham bhumskwa bhakshamidam shubham

preetaye  yamaraajasya yumunaaya! visheshataha ~!!

If elder sister is serving then chant
Bhaatastava  agrajaataaham BHUMSKWA bhakshamidam SHUBHAM

Preetaye  Yamaraajasya Yumunaaya! Visheshataha ~!!

Bhagini Tritiya

Simillar to the above event, brother’s should offer gifts(sweets, clothes, gold, silver) to their sisters.

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