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Important days in Navrathri


Moola Nakshatra day during Navaratri is very auspicious and important. Those who keep Akhanda Dipa for three days, begin this Deepa from Moola Nakshatra Day(The day we do saraswathy avaahana)


Maha Lakshmi is known by three names;- Shree, Bhoo and Durga.

“Edakke bhoomi balakke sreeyu edhurinalli durga devi”

the Mother Devi stands in three Roopas to serve Sri Narayana on His three sides. On His right, She stands as Shree Devi. On His left, She is Bhoo Devi and in His front, She stands serving Durga

Puja with devotion on this day, immensely pleases Jagan Maata. The devotee will be relieved of all his worries in life


If the day is combined with Ashtami in the forenoon, Navami in the afternoon and if that day also happens to be a Tuesday (Mangala-Vaara), such a rare combination is said to be very auspicious*. Such a day is known as “MANGALAASHTAMI”


If Ashtami combines with Saptami and Moola-Nakshatra, such an Ashtami is hailed as Maha-Ashtami


If Navami day is partially Ashtami and partially Navami and if that day combines with Moola Nakshatra, during Navaratri, such a day is “Maha Navami

Shastras proclaim with all emphasis that Puja on this day is Punyakara, Pavitra, wealthgiving, and yields all the comforts in life.


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