akanda deepam · MADHWA · navrathri

Akanda Deepam

  • In many houses, Akhanda Deepa (Nanda Deepa) is kept burning during the whole period.
  • In some houses it is kept for the concluding three days from Saptami(without any break).
  • This Deepa is to be kept burning all the 24 hours from the moment it is lighted, (with pure ghee or pure til-oil).
  • Akhandha Deepa is a symbol of Lord Srinivasa. Hence it should be lighted with Madi, maximum practicable in the house.
  •  Deepa-Paatra is a sacred thing because it is a seat for Srinivasa. All the light-giving Devatas stand in service to Lord.
  • With this thought, decorate the Deepa-Paatra with Pushpa, Arishina  and KumKuma.
  • Fill it with ghee or oil, keep the wick (Bat-thi) in its place and keep it ready for lighting.
  • Now bring to your mind that at the top of the Deepa-Sthambha, Krittika and all the 27 Nakshatra Devatas are present. In the wick (Naala), Vaasuki Devata is present. At the foot of the Deepa-Sthamba, Chandra and Soorya are present.
  • Then, light the usual Mangalarathi-Bathi in Devara-Deepa by singing any appropriate DevaraNama and lit the Akhanda deepa with the Mangalaarati flame.
  • Now the Lord Srinivasa from the seven Hills, has arrived in the house to protect the entire family.
  • The lady of the house, is the custodian of Deepas.
  • Akhanda Deepa should burn day & night during Nava-ratri.
  • Two-time Pooja during the Navaratri is a MUST; be it grand or simple
  • If Akhanda Deepa needs kindling and relighting, minimum Madi should be observed. It should not be touched casually with impure clothing. Change the clothing and then touch.
  • This Dipa should not be lighted with match-sticks. Light another Dipa with match-sticks and from that lamp, take the flame for Akhanda Dipa, using Tulasi Kaashta or Bathi.

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