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Sloka to chant while cooking

surya narayana saarathi agali
attu adige akshyavagali
Lakshmi narayanana neivedhyavagali
laksha janara bojanavagali
lakshmi narayana thrupthanagali
lakshmi narayana laksha virali
Jaya jayathu sri Harige
jaya jayathu naraharige
jaya jayathu sri hari
hrudayadhali nelasesavarige
chathurmuka brahmanige
thath saraswathy bharathige
bakthiyundha Garuda sesha rudhrari keraguvana
Tharathamya davalavannu
heli kelidhavarige ananthasayana
koduva namma sri hayavadhana

An idea is to write or print this sloka and stick near Gas stove. This wont take even 5 minutes to read every day. By lyrics we can understand The cooked items are given as neivedhyam to Lord sri Lakshmi Narayana. In today’s worlds nothing is pure. vegetables, fruits and all groceries are adulterated, with lot of chemicals. By chanting such slokas, I believe God will protect our body from any sort of diseases or infections that is being caused by poor quality of ingredients we are using.

In additon we can understand the Tharathamya (most important of Madhwa philosophy) Sri hari followed by Mahalakshmi(hrudayadhali nelasevarige) vaayu, Brahma, followed by saraswathy, bharathy(vaayu’s wife) followed by Garuda, sesha, rudra(siva).This hierarchy is the most important of Madhwa philosophy. One should always worship God in this hierarchy only. Hari is always supreme(Hari Sarvothama)