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Sloka to chant before travelling

This is the sloka to be chanted everyday before leaving home. This would protect you from all sort of robberies, dangers and accidents.

Yadavaryaru, (Previously a Jewelry owner) Later a renowned Madhwa mahaniyaru who wrote tippanis for Sri Jaya theerthara works. He was the brother and sishyaru of sri Vedesha Theertharu of Uttaradhi Mutt

Yadappa or Yadavaryaru was very rich. He was performing Gold business by going from one place to another by foot. Whenever he was leaving the home, he used to recite the following sloka:

Agratho Narasimhascha prushtatho Gopinandhana
ubhayo parshyoschaiva shasharau Rama Lakshmana

ಅಗ್ರತೋ ನಾರಸಿಂಹಶ್ಚ ಪೃಷ್ಠತೋ ಗೋಪೀನಂದನ:
ಉಭಯೊಹೋ ಪಾರ್ಶ್ವಯೋರಾಸ್ತಾಂ ಸಶರೌ ರಾಮ ಲಕ್ಶ್ಮಣೌ


Narasimha devaru in the front, Sri Krishna to our back side and Rama Lakshmana to our side well equipped with weapons will follow wherever we go. They will protect us wherever we go.

Once a set of thieves were planning to snatch the bag from Yadavaryaru. These thieves happened to observe always two soldiers  on horse back gurading yadavaryaru

The thieves knew that Yadavaryaru dont have horses as well as raiders. They were surprised. One day they approached Yadavaryaru in diguise and asked him who were the riders on horseback always guarding him

Yadavaryaru was shocked and replied that he dont have any body guards. The thieves told him that whenever they attempt to snatch the bag from yadavaryaru they saw two guards backing him. The thieves also told yadavaryaru,the moment he enters his home the guards disappear. They wanted to know the secret.

Yadavaryaru remembered the sloka and he recognized It is Rama and Lakshmana guarded him back. Yadavaryaru was ready to give away all his gold jewelries to thieves. But thieves understood the significance of Rama, Narasimha and Krishna, they surrendered and took an oath that they would never do robbery





2 thoughts on “Sloka to chant before travelling

  1. अग्रतो नारसिंहश्च पृष्ठतो गोपी(देवकी)नंदन।
    उभयो पार्श्वयोरस्तां सशरौ रामलक्ष्मणौ।।


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