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Kolu haadu by Mohana dasaru

  • Kolu haadu is a long poem (Dheergakriti) of 217 stanzas (Nudis).
  • Each stanza consists of four lines only out of which second and third lines are repeated.
  • The whole song is set in folk tune in the raga Naada nama Kriye.
  • The theme of Kolu Haadu is based on a story in Mahabharata Aswamedha Parva. In this story, Rukmini, Sri Krishna, Subhadra and Arjuna had mutual conversations and friendly debates. In that debate they apparently accuse each other mildly and this poem is of the gendre of Ninda Stuti.
  • In the ninda stuti apparent accusations / insults handled actually turn out to be stuti or praise of Lord God only. This poem is of that type. The poem has all Navaras in it including Haasya Rasa (Humour). This poem earned the title “Yukteyalli Mohana” for Sri Mohana Daasa.
Stanza Description
1 – 3 Mangalaacharane
4 Dashavathara
5 – 28 Chathura vimshadhi roopa
29 – 35 Vyuha roopa varnana
36 – 43 Tharathamya varnana
44 – 57 Madhwaacharyaru , Guru and other dasaru prarthana
58 – 65 Krishna leela varnana, dwarakapuri varnana
66 – 75 Devata stuthi on sri Krishna
76 – 94 Madhwamatha significance and Maayavadha kandana
95 – 120 Vaikunta varnana
121 – 209 Rukmini – Krishna, Subhadra – Arjuna  debates
210 – 217 Greatness of the work



13 thoughts on “Kolu haadu by Mohana dasaru

  1. Would appreciate if you can please give the Kannada version of Rama sits urutani pads. Thanking you in advance. Regards. Mohan. Parapathya.


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