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Bali padya

Bali Padyami falls on Karthika Shudda Padya.

Bali Pratipada or Bali Padyami is observed the day after Diwali in Karnataka and Maharashtra.

Maha Bali, the King of Pathala loka (netherworld), is worshipped on this day. He was given a boon by Lord Vishnu to visit the earth once a year. Kannada and Marathi people celebrate Balindra Puja to mark his arrival to the earth

On this day whatever daana kaaryas like Godaana, vastradaana, bhoodaana and other daanaas will please Vamana

Deepa Prajvalana on this day will make Lakshmidevi to stay in their house

Bali Chakravarthi will be the next Indra in the coming Manvantara.


Draw Balichakravarthi’s figure in rangoli or Gomaya. Then we have to invite Bali. We have to put curds in front of Bali.

Ladies will enter the house, by pouring milk from outside, which is a method of inviting Lakshmi.

Chant the following mantra:

Baliraaja namastubhyam virochanasuta prabho: |
Bhavishyemdra suraaraate pujoyam pratigruhyataam |
Baliraaja namastubhyam daityadaanavavamdita: |
Indrashatro amaraavate vishnusaannidhyado bhava

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