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Madhwacharyaru works:

  1. Narasimha Nakha stuthi
  2. Kanduka stuti
  3. Dwadasa sthothra

Madhwacharyaru is an incarnation of Vayu devaru

ಪ್ರಥಮೋ ಹನುಮನ್ನಾಮ |ದ್ವಿತೀಯೋ ಭೀಮ ಏವಚ |
ಪೂರ್ಣ ಪ್ರಜ್ಞ ತೃತೀಯಸ್ತು | ಭಗವತ್ಕಾರ್ಯ ಸಾಧಕಃ |

Prathamohanuman naama dwiteeyo Beema Eva cha
Purnapragnya truteeyastu Bagavat karya saadhakah ||

He took the form of Hanuma during Treta yuga, Bheema during Dwapara yuga and Sri Madhwacharyaru during Kali yuga.

He is the founder of Dvaita philosophy


Sri Madhvacharya was born in the year 1238 A.D, on the Vijayadashami day of the month of Aswayuja in a village called pajaka , near Udupi to Madhyageha bhatta and Vedavathi. His poorvashrama name was Vasudeva

At very young age Vasudeva renounced worldly lives and took sanyashrama under Achyuta Preksharu

Poorna Pragnya: Achyuta preksha(Follower of Advaita prior) at first was not happy about his new sishya. but sooner he realized the scholarship of his new disciple and named him as purna pragnya

The Gita Bhashya  is the first work of Madhwacharyaru.

During his tour in North India, He wrote the famous Brahma sutra Bhasya @ Badri

After his return from the North, Madhwacharyaru defeated Sobhana Bhatta and Samasastry of Advaita philosophy. They both were defeated and as they experienced the truth of philosophy founded by Purnaprajna, both of them became his disciplesand took sanyasa. Shobana Bhatta became the famous Padmanabhatirtha who succeeded Madhwacharyaru. Samasastry became Narahari Thirtha



Madhwacharyaru installed Sri Krishna temple at Udupi and established ashta  mutts, The pontiffs who will do pooja for krishna in rotation cycle


During one of his visits @ Vishnumangala, Madhwacharyaru had a historic debate with Trivikrama Pandithacharya and It happened for nearly  15 days and finally Trivikrama pandithacharya was defeated and He was also impressed with the philosophy of Madhwacharyu and took sanyasa from Acharyaru. He also wrote a commentary known as Tatvapradipa on the Brahmasutra Bhashya which is written by Sri Madhwacharya

On Magha Sukhla Navami(1317 AD), Sri Madhvacharyaru while teaching his disciples at Udupi Sri Anantheshwara Temple, suddenly pushpavrisshti was happened and he disappeared and not to be seen later. It is considered as the day he entered the Badarikasrama. It is strongly believed among us that Sri Madhvacharyaru is still present even today in Badri continuing his vedic classes with Sri Vedavyasa.




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