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Ishtartha siddhi seva at Sonda Vadiraja Math

Men should wear kacche panche and women should be in saree /girls in langa blouse compulsory throughout the seva.


1. Take a coconut ( preferably small in size , so that you can tie around your waist and it doesn’t touch the ground when you do namaskara ) , a panche to tie the coconut and two pots to pour water while you bathe in Dhavala Ganaga.

2. Buy seva ticket in the seva office , they will provide you a paper which has the procedure and also a number sheet till 108 to keep track of your pradashinas.

3. On the first day of seva , you will have to do sankalpa – which usually is done in the morning.

You have to take head bath in dhavalA ganga and do dhvalA ganaga puja and tulsi puja(women) and do the sankalpa in wet clothes in the temple.

The priest will take your coconut to keep it in front of vrindavana and will give it to you back. Once sankalpa is done , you will start your seva

1. Tie the coconut in the panche and tie it around your waist with the coconut on the right side.

Take head bath again , if you cant bath again, you will have to use two pots each in one hand and pour water on head 7 times .

Women have to apply haldi kumkum after this.

Then do namaskar to prana devaru .

Start pradaskina: starting from prana devru , tulsi devi, gopal krishna, santhana gopal krishna, naga katte, vadirajaru, papanashini, bhutarajaru , Rudra devaru, Veena paani prana devaru

The coconut should not touch ground throughout the seva.

2. Now you will have to again bathe in dhaval ganga ( pour water 7 times with pots or immerse in water ) , again apply kumkum haldi (women)and start pradakshina.
The process should be repeated till u complete 7 pradakshinas of the outside premises

3. After 7 pradakshinas , you should again bathe in dhavala ganaga and go to Rama Trivikrama temple and put 7 pradakshinas there .

Remember that every pradakshina should be followed by a namaskara

4. Then come back and tie the coconut in a safe place so that u can identify it the next day. Usually it is tied in the prana devaru temple premises.

5. Change your wet clothes and wear washed dry clothes and head towards moola vrindavana , inside temple and complete your 108 pradakshinas inside.

Here also you have to bow down 4 times once in each direction while doing pradakshina.

6. In case you are not able to complete 108 before lunch , you will have to again take head bath and wear new set of washed dry clothes and start again after a short break after your lunch.

7. So in total in a day you will be doing 7 + 108 pradakshinas = 115 pradakshinas

8. The seva should be done in 3 or 5 or 7 days .

9. If you do with full complete dedication and bhakthi , God will surely give you a sign of your wish coming true before you leave Sonda.

10. Keep chanting ” Vadiraja Pahimam, Bhutaraja Rakshamam” during pradakshinas.
11. after the seva completion , Do the samarpana.

On the 4th , 6th or 8th day the Krishnarpana need to be done.

For this you take head bath in dhavala Ganga , wear washed dry clothes and untie your coconut( which you had tied last day) from the prana devaru temple premises and take it to  vrindavan.

12. After the Krishnarpana , you take the coconnt to your home and prepare sweet from it and distribute and eat.

Remember : you have to be in sonda only throuout your seva completion ( 3/5/7 days and nights ) and do not touch the coconut tied when you are not in wet clothes. ( except for last day- 4th/6th/8th day).

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Raghavendraru seva at Home

Shri Raghavendra Swamigalu is kaliyuga kamaadhenu. Millions of devotees are visiting rayaru in Mantralayam and various branches all over the world. People doing seva to Rayaru with proper sankalpa and pradakshine for minimum of 3 days to maximum days they can do. People who can’t visit mantralayam or who cant do seva in Mutt, can also do sankalpa at home and do the pradakshine namaskara with madi and bakthi to rayaru photo at home itself.
• The best day to worship Sri Rayaru is Thursdays, you can start this seva on Thursday or on any good day
• Men should wear Dhothi(white color) vasthra. women should wear saree.
• If you are starting seva say on Thursday morning, Make sure that you wash the clothes previous day and make it dry on a separate madi line
• Don’t use bed or pillows for all the seva days. Sleep on the floor covered with any clean clothes or mat.
• Wake up early in the morning to do seva.
• Don’t watch television or any entertaining programme or don’t use mobile as this would deviate your attention.
• Do fasting in the morning.
• Do smarane of sri Raghavendra theertharu as much as possible during these seva days.
• Avoid unwanted chatting, gossiping and keep silence and concentrate on rayaru as much as possible.

1. First, make the place of the pooja very clean.
2. Then, apply kolam (or) Rangoli in the Pooja place.
3. Then, place a small mane and clean the mane and also apply kolam on the mane.
4. In the mane, place ganesh idol. Pray to Ganesh that your pooja should be completed without any hurdles and all your wishes to be fulfilled.
5. On the top of the Mane, place Sri Raghavendra’s photo.
6. The photo should be cleaned and should be applied along with Sandalwood and kumkum.
7. Then decorate the photo with flowers
8. Place a lamp on either side of the mane.
9. Keep the mane in the center of your pooja room. Which could accommodate you to do pradakshine
10. Keep fruits, coconut, beetle leaves, beetel nuts(Neivedhyam)etc and place it in front of the mane.
11. Light the diyas,  Do the sankalpa
12. Do deepam, dhoopam, and neivedhyam
13. Do Pradhakshanam around the photo
14. We should make 11 Pradhakshanams(minimum) and while doing so, chant this mantra.

“Poojyaya Sri Raghavendraya Sathya Dharma Radhayacha
Bhajatham Kalpavrukshaya Namatham  Kamadhenuvae”

15. Finally do the Namaskaram and finish the pooja.
16. Take food only in the morning after doing pradakshine namskara. Avoid Food in the dinner. If unable to fast in the night, Consume fruits and milk
17. Do pradakshine and namaskaram in the evening too
18. Follow this same procedure of doing the seva for ‘3 continous days’ or 5, 7 , 9 ,11 etc
19. During the seva days, do not sleep in bed;
20. After finishing seva, next day break the coconut kept as neivedhyam for rayaru and distribute it to your family members
21. It is believed that whoever has performed this seva with complete faith and devotion, their wishes gets fulfilled by the grace of lord rayaru.
22. It is also believed whoever does with dedication, will get a dream related to the purpose of seva.