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The meaning of gangotpatti means the origin of Ganga Devi or incarnation. This festival is observed on the Vaisakha Sukla Saptami. It is said that all the sins are removed by worshipping Goddess Ganga Devi on that day.

We all know that Bhageeratha brought the river Ganga to the Earth from Deva Loka. The river on its way, flooded into the Ashrama of Janhu Maharishi.

He got angry and swallowed the river by doing aachamana. Bhageeratha in great distress, begged Maharishi to released the river.

The kind-hearted, Maharishi, released the river, through his right ear. He thought if he releases the river from his mouth, it would become ‘uchchishta’. . That day is celebrated as  Gangot-patti. from then river Ganga became ‘Janhavi’ — since she became the daughter of Janhu Maharishi.

On this day, Ganga Puja is celebrated in the house.

Perform shodasopachara Pooja to Kalasa along with Ganga thaali