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Hosthilu pooja

  • First ensure that Rangavalli is done  in front of the House
  • On special Festival days the Front door is decorated with Fresh Mango leaves with Flowers.

Things to be taken

The Lady, after taking bath, dressed,  in Madhwa attire, [if possible only], must carry with her:

a)The Silver or Brass plate containing five silver bowls filled with, Haldi(Arishina), Kunkuma, Shree Gandha, Akshate, and Chandhana

b) The plate should also have betel leaves (more than 5 nos,) with Nuts (more than 2 nos) with Coconut or plantain-Banana or any Fruit, depending upon the Masa ( or Pancha PhalagaLu – i.e : Draakshi- Godambi- Baadaami- Kallu Sakkare- Kharjoora- and Kobbari ) with scented stick, Flowers, Gejje Vastra;+ SuvarNa pushpa DakshiNe.

c) A silver or copper or bronze bowl called “Thumbi” (in Kannada) filled with pure water.

d) A silver argya patre with Uddarane

e) Mahaa Niraajana (Mangalaarati) A silver small plate with Two sodolu with vicks dipped in ghee

If you keep all these things ready, you could perform Pooja smoothly


1) The hosthilu is washed( Sarisuvudu) with a few Uddarane of water.

2) Put Rangavalli on the hosthilu.

 i) Keep the “Thumbi” with water , on the centre of the Hosthilu. Perform Ganesha Prarthana.

 ii) Apply “sri ganda or arishina, Kumkum, ” on 4 sides of “thali(Marati word) -Tumbi (Kannada word) ”

iii) Put 1 flower in thali,close the thali in such a way that your right hand should be on top.

iv) Offer Prayer to Lakshmi-Parvati Devi

v) Remove your hand.

vi) Take water in a” uddarane”(silver spoon) use the same flower to Sprinkle water

vii) Sprinkle water on all “pooja samagri(things) kalasa(Tumbi),on yourselves”

viii)Put that flower on “argya patre”

ix) Now Apply Haldi –Arishina , Kumkum, hoovu (flower) and Mantrakshat to the

hosthilu at the edges and as well as at the Centre

Recite the following slokas: 

Pranaatharkadha maayapathi vasudevaya namaha
apaanantharkadha jayapathi sankarshanaya namaha
vyaanantharkadha krutapathi pradyumnaya namaha
udhaanantharkadha saanthipathi aniruddhaya namah
samaanantharkadha lakshmipathi narayanaya namaha

asmathbimba pathi koloka barathi ramana mukhya praananatharkatha sri devi pathi purushaya namaha

boodhevi pathi thaijasaya namaha
doorgapathi kaalaya namah

x) At the TOP of the door(if you can)

  • xi) Perform Pooja with Gandha, Chandhana and Mantrakshate, Flowers.
  • xii) Put Gejje Vastra either on the top, (if she can, if she is Tall) or at the bottom.

xiii) Do Naividya

xiv) Light 2 Agarabattis

xv) do Managalarati by lighting 3 battis (vicks) dipped in ghee(sodilu – small size Nillanjana in silver plate)  sing arati Hadu.

xvi) Do pooja applying Haldi Kunkum and Mantrakshate on the hosthilu, singing the song you know on Lakshmi-Parvati.

xvii)Give argya (by keeping Mantrakshate in right hand, putting water from the uddarane and leave in argya patre)

xviii) Perform PrArthana-NamaskAram

xix) Take the “Thumbi”- sprinkle (ProkashaNe) a few drops of the water in front of the House and then to the Tulsi Plant and perform Tulsi Pooja.

xx) Sloka to be recited while performing the Pooja:

1) Shree kaara RoopiNi Devi
VeeNaa Pusthaka DhaariNi
VedhamaathaR NamsthuBhyam
SauBhaagyam Devime Sadhaa ||

2) Kaathyaayani Mahaamaaye
Mahaayoginya DheeShwari
Nandhagopa Sutham Devi
Pathim Me Kuruthe Namah||

3) Ramaa Devi NamasthuBhyam
SwaBhaRthaa Saha Shaayini
Muncha baahulathaa Paashaath
Swaaminam Bhaktha Vathsalam 

Loudly sing any Dasara Keerthana on Lakshmi or Saraswati or TuLasi or Parvati and enter the House. So that all listening could by heart and sing with you for generations.