Lock down time

As we are all under lock down to fight against CORONA VIRUS, We have to utilize this time for punya sampadhana.

Undoubtedly Sri Dhanvanthri would protect us all!

Here I have sorted few links in my site.

  1. Dhanvanthri suladhi
  2. sloka for kids
  3. collections (Sloka for everyday)
  4. daily tulasi pooja with slokas
  5. Rangoli
  6. Benefits of Sri Raghavendra Sthothram
  7. Bhajana Taratamya (Order)
  8. Sri Hari Kathamruta Saara/ಶ್ರೀ ಹರಿ ಕಥಾಮೃತ ಸಾರ
  9. Animation movies
  10. Yantrodharaka Hanuman Stothram

One thought on “Lock down time

  1. Kindly try to publish the meaning
    Of the sloka”Preenayamo Vadudevam”
    sung by Shri.Vidyabushan.
    Meaning is not available on
    Only lyriics are available.
    Thanking you.
    Mrs. Surya.K.Rao.


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