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Explore the unexplored Brindavana


Bellathi is a Village in Karamadai Block in Coimbatore District of Tamil Nadu State, India. It is located 32 KM towards North from District head quarters Coimbatore and 3 KM from Karamadai.


Articles published in Newspaper on Oct 31 2017:



Initial visit to brindavana(Nov 2017)

News articles published in the local newspapers paved the interest in the Madhwa community of Coimbatore to visit this brindavana. A group of members from Singanallur Agraharam visited Bellathi in the month of November 2017(just few days after the publication of article) and recited vayu sthuthi here.

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Singanallur team was unable to conclude whether the brindavanam belongs to madhwa matha or not because of Gajalakshmi and Iyengar nama engraved on the brindavana.

Sudden rise of popularity:

Channel coverage(Vendhar TV) on  Bellathi titled “The Mahan who cures diseases” gained attention among public especially across Tamilnadu in visiting this place.


Thanks to Social media era. Lots of information was shared and exchanged through facebook and whatsapp. This place and brindavana came into limelight very soon.

People from all parts of Tamilnadu and Karnataka especially on thursdays and weekends started visiting this place in the month of April and May in huge numbers.

Brindavana with fence

During the month of May,  A team from matha visited this place and confirmed this brindavana belongs to Sri Lakshmidhara theertharu of Mulubagulu matha.

Sri Lakshmidhara theertharu(Period 1325 – 1335) is the direct sishyaru of Sri Padmanabha thirtharu(one of the four direct shishyaru of Sri Madhwacharyaru).

This brindavana is located on the banks of koushika river. Opposite to brindavana, a giant adisesha is carved in a rock.

Sri Lakshmidhara thirtharu aradhane falls on Margashira shukla Pournami. Brindavana is decorated with rich carvings like dasavthara at top and gajalakshmi in front facing. Also gopinatha devaru, kaliya mardhana krishna and crawling krishna on the other sides.

Charma sloka:

gOvardhanadharam dEvam gOpInaatham manOharam|
dhyaayaMtaM satatam noumi lakShmIdharayatIshv aram|

Latest Pics taken on 16th Oct 2018

Sign board indicating the road to brindavana
Outside view(Entrance area)
Devotees are requested to offer their donations to Annadana committee
Devotees are requested to bring fruits, coconut, flowers, ghee lamp, vasthra on their own
Every Thursday – 12 pm – pooja and 1 pm Annadana


Nagara katte(newly constructed area)

Video links:

12 thoughts on “Explore the unexplored Brindavana

  1. Dear Madam,
    I am K L Venkatakrishnan with email address and have subscribed to this blog already. I am in need to contact Mr. Raghavendra Rao who has taken lot of efforts to bring back the glory of Shri Sankarshana Wodeyaru of Karapoondi in Polur Dist. which I had the good fortune of visiting the same when I worked in Arani. Kindly help me with his email address/ cellphone Nos. if possible. Thanks & Regards.


  2. I thank in the name of Sri Lakshmidhara theertharu, in the name of almighty Narayana , to be blessed to the team who worked out, bring to the knowledge of many people who have not thought of this monuments and importance.
    Hope Sri Keshavanidhi Theertharu has taken up the caused of developments and supporting the organising team. PLease correspond with me a to support the causes of our Madhwa Sidhantha, History and making publications of his great works of swami ji Sri Lakshmidhara theertharu
    With Pranaamams I remain
    Jayamangalam K. Sudharshan


  3. Why is this Brindhavana not under the Madhwa mutt control? Is there a agraghara near this place? How to get this Brindhavana under the Madhwa mutt control? any measures taken?


  4. Namaskaram,

    Is this confirmed that it belongs to Sri Lakshmi dhara Theerathar as Srivaishnava sign is also there? And also the people there saying it is not yet confirmed that whose brindavana is this and Sri A.M Rajagopalan Sir also visited to this place and interviewed in vendhar channel. Any historical evidences that swamy was here in his final days ? How they concluded that this is Sri Lakshmi Dharan theeratha brindavana? Can you share that information also ? Will be grateful to you.🙏🙏

    Hari Om 🙏


  5. Sri Laksmidhara tirtha Gurubhyo namaha. I think we have unearthed one more brindavana of Madhva Yati.


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