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Sri Sankarshana Wodeyar – The Saint of Karapoondi

Long back, We visited Sathyavijaya Nagara during the Aradhana of Sri SathyaVijaya Theertharu. During that time, We visited Brindavana of Sri Sankarshana Wodeyaru, Karapoondi .

I know only 2 things about Sankarshana wodeyaru:

  1. He has written commentary for Jagannatha dasaru’s Magnum-opus “Harikathamruta saara”
  2. He strictly advised his disciples to give Parched rice/Murmura as neivedhya for everyday. Except Aradhana, Only Parched rice is kept as Neivedhya to Sri Sankarshana wodeyaru

Recently, I happen to talk to Raghavendra Rao sir(Whom I know thru Facebook) and He gave me a lot of information and history about Sri Sankarshana Wodeyaru thru the phone call. I dedicate this posts to Sri Raghavendra Rao mama on appreciating his efforts in introducing the greatness of Sri Sankarshana wodeyaru to the people across Karnataka and Tamilnadu and also his humongous effort in Aradhana work of Great Yathigalu)


The brindavana of Sri Sankarshana Wodeyar is situated at Karapoondi, A village near Polur (3 Kms east of Polur) on the banks of River Cheyyar (also known as Baahuda river)


  • Period –   1810-1862
  • Birth Place – Gurlahosur, Belgaum 

  • Poorvashrama Name – Tamanna Naik

  • Father – Dhumappa Naik

  • Vidya Gurugalu – Sri Vishwapriya Tirtharu of Sri Sode Mutt , Sri Bheemavarahachar

  • Ashrama Gurugalu – Sri Satya Parayana Tirtharu
  • Vrundavana – Karapoondi village 
  • Vrundavana – 1862AD – Margashira Shudda Panchami

Birth & Life:

Dhumappa Naik(A Merchant of Gold, Silver, Pearl) whose native was Gurlahosur, Later moved to Dharwar for expanding their family business. He had two wives. Sri Sankarshana wodeyar(Poorvashrama name: Tammana Naik) born as second son to his second wife. It is believed He was born with the blessings of Sri Sathya Dharma theertharu, to whom Tamanna Naik’s mom had done seva

At the right age, Upanayana was performed and Tammanna naik did veda shasthra adhyayana under Bheemavarahachar.

In Right time, he got married and blessed with two children. Unfortunately he lost his wife at early age of 22

Pilgrimage to Udupi

Tammanna naik wanted to study Sarvamoola granthas. So he traveled all the way to Udupi. With the blessings of Udupi krishna, Under the guidance of Sri Vishwapriya thirtharu of Sode Math, He mastered sarvamoola granthagalu and did Sudha Mangala there

Met Sri Sathyaparayana thirtharu

 Sri Satya Santhushta Thirtharu and Sri Satya Sankalpa Thirtharu were doing Sri Rama Vedavyasa puje at the same place for years.  Due to some debts, They pledged the  priceless navarathna mantapa of Sri Rama Vedavyasa devaru, and the golden gangala to Ramanna Nayak, brother of Thammanna.   

After some years, Sri Satya Parayana Thirtharu the then pontiff of Uttaradhi math during his sanchara visited Ramanna Nayak’s house.  One day, he spoke to Ramanna and explained his feeling that Rama devara pooja is incomplete without navarathna mantapa. He also added that he will do sanchara and will repay from the contributions .He also added to send a representative from Ramanna side so that he will settle all his dues thru the representative.  Ramanna accepted this and Thammanna joined Srigalu with the main motiveof doing teertha yatra and also to collect the dues.  

During Sanchara, Tamanna used the opportunity of learning shasthras from Sri Sathya parayana thirtharu once again and performed sudha mangala. Tamanna asked Srigalu about what he should give as Guru dakshine. for that Srigalu requested Tammanna to return the Navarathna mantapa and golden gangala back to Matha.

Tamanna agreed to this and As per srigalu guidance, Thammanna wrote two letters to his brother Ramanna, one letter stating that all dues have been received from the matha and the second one requesting that the navarathna mantapa and the golden gangala to   be delivered to the matha’s representative.

Matha’s debts were cleared and all the pledges items were restored successfuly by sri Sathya Parayana thirtharu and He was very happy to perform Moola rama pooja in Navarathna mantapa. He continued his sanchara and propogated MAdhwa philosophy

Ramanna waited for so long to get all his settlements from Tamanna. But Tamanna didnt turned up. Ramanna went in search of Tamanna and got to know what had happened.

He returned home with heavy heart. Tamanna realised the loss he has bought for his brother. Instantly he decided to gave all his share of wealth to Ramanna.

Ramanna’s loss was made good and Tamanna had his search on something else

Thamanna became Sankarshana Wodeyaru

Tamanna once again visited udupi and took an oath to follow sanyasashrama.He wandered in search of Shri Sathya parayan thirtharu. He met Srigalu and asked him to offer sanyasa diksha. Though srigalu tried to convince Tamanna , Later on seeing his stubborn mind, He gave sanyashrama to Tamanna and named him as Sri Sankarshana wodeyaru at the age of 32 years

Visit to Tirupathi

Sri sankarshana wodeyar traveled to Tirupathi. He did tapas at the sannidhana of Lord Varaha for nearly 2 months

During his stay there, Sri Venkateswara swamy appeared in his  dream  and directed him to visit  Gatikachala(Sholingur, Lord Narasimha temple & Yoga anjaneya temple)

Later after visiting Ghatikachala, Again sri Venkateshwara swamy appeared in his dream and asked him to go to Vellore and solve the problems caused by one achar to the pooja at Sri Sathyadhiraja thirtharu brindavana sthala

Moved to Vellore

Sri sankarshana wodeyaru moved to Vellore and stayed 9 long years and restored the matha activitied and pooja to Sri Sathyadhiraja thirtharu

Sri Sathyaparayana thirtharu during his visit to vellore, felt happy on seeing matha activities and pooja to Sri Sathyadhiraja thirtharu

Reached Karapoondi(Final Destination)

Later Sri Sankarshana wodeyaru started his sanchara and on his disciple’s request, he decided to stay at Karapoondi village near Polur

A full view of Sri Sankarshana wodeyaru devasthana

The entire village is so sanctified by the shadow of Sampathgiri hill.

A View of Sampathgiri hills

A matha was contructed for his stay and Sri Wodeyaru continued his puje and sashtra patha there.

Mukhyaprana devaru worshipped by Sri Sankarshana Wodeyaru(Installed by Sri Vyasarajaru)

Brindavana pravesha:

In 1862, Margasirsha maasa  suddha panchami Dundhubi nama samvathsara , Sri Sankarshanaru entered brundavana at Karapoondi.

The place where brindavana was initially installed is now raised as Tulasi brindavana

Sri Sankarshanaru ordered his disciple Sanjeevi Rao to make necessary arrangements for the brindavana pravesha. Sanjeevi Rao along with others prepared the place, and made all arrangements.

After some months Sri Sankarshanaru appeared in the swapna of Sanjeevi Rao and said that his instructions have not been carried out properly.  While seeing the site the next day, Sanjeevi  Rao and other devotees were surprised to see that Sri Wodeyaru’s gopichandana mudras were as fresh as on the day of brindavana installation. after Eight months, a brundavana was installed again.

Brindavana alankara on 2016 Aradhana
Sri Sankarshana wodeyaru brindavana


Full view of main shrine

The entire event has appeared in the dream of Venkataramana achar and with the blessings of Sri Sankarshana wodeyaru, He has composed Sri Sankarshana kavacham, Kalpadharu Stotra, Mangalashtakam and Navarathna Malika.

Aradhana invitation 2017:


I request all our readers to support aradhana in every possible way and when time permits, Please visit Karapoondi and have great darshan and get blessings of Sri Sankarshana Wodeyaru

People who visit Karapoondi  can contact Sri Mani whose residence is nearby choultry . He will guide you to the Moola Brindhavana, Hanuma Temple and choultry where you can relax.

Those who are planning to visit sathyavijaya nagara/Shenbakkam Nava brindavana please include Karapoondi in your itinerary

Photo credits: Sri Raghavendra Rao.

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  1. There is a care taker ,Sri Mani whose residence is on the street where choultry is located .He will take one to the Moola Brindhavana, Hanuma Temple ,and choultry where you can relax .


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