MADHWA · snana

Few points to know about Oil bath(Abhyanga snana)

  • Best days for men to take oil bath – Monday , Wednesday and saturday
  • Best days for women to take  – Tuesday and Friday
  • Don’t take oil bath on sunday
  • Don’t take oil bath @ Night time (Exceptions :  babies, kids, aged people, sick people)
  • Dont take oil bath on a grahana day
  • if needed to take oil bath on not allowed days then follow this:
  1. sunday –>along with Oil add mallige (Jasmine flower) and take bath.
  2. Thursday –> use durva grass (Arugampul in tamil)
  3. Friday –> use with gomaya
  4. Tuesday –> use with mrithika

Don’t take oil bath on following days

  • Ekadashi
  • Dwadashi
  • parva kala
  • sankramana
  • janma nakshathra
  • Vyatepaada
  • ashtami
  • padya
  • shasti
  • during nakshathras like uthra, sravana, arudra

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