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Akshaya Triteeya

For the last decade, Akshaya triteeya festival is getting more popular because of humongous advertisements made by Jewelleries these days in Television, FM, Newspaper and Social media

Akshaya tritheeya is the festival not just buying Gold, but doing lot of Punya karyaas on the auspicious day

When is Akshaya triteeya?

  • Akshaya triteeya is celebrated on Vaishakha Shukla Triteeya
  • IT is the most auspicious day for any subha kaarya
  • Any punya Kaarya(Homa, dhaana, tarpana, Japa) yields more phala and punya to an individual
  • It is believed that anything good done on this day lasts forever and forever.
  • On this day, The sun and moon, are both on their maximum of brightness and glory.
  • Every single minute on this day is considered auspicious or a ‘muhurta’

Significance of this day:

  • It is believed that the Sri  VedaVyasaru  started his epic composition Mahabharat on this day.
  • The poor brahmin Sudama visited his childhood friend Lord Krishna in Dwarka with a handful of  poha on this day.
  •  The Pandavas received the ‘Akshaya Pathram’ (bowl) from Lord Krishna (in the Mahabharata) on this day.

What is akshaya means?

Akshaya means that which is eternal, continuous, imperishable. Good deeds done on this day are blessed forever.

How to celebrate?

  • Do early morning snana with sankalpa
  • Perform japa
  • Perform saligrama pooja(for men) , Lakshmi pooja, Tulasi pooja, Gowri pooja(For women)
  • Perform Pitru tarpana(If applicable)
  • Do Dhana, Dharma
  • Do parayana(Vayu stuthi, sumadhwa vijaya, Manyu suktha etc for men), Lakshmi shobhane, Sudhama haadu, Harikathamruta saara for women etc )

Gandha Lepana:

You can find almost in  all the temples, Main deities are decorated with sandalwood(Special alankara on akshaya tritheeya day)


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