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Dvitala Vrata Recipes

The following items are used during Dvidala vrata:

  • Akki (Rice)
  • Godhi (Wheat)
  • Jeerige (cumin seeds)
  • Menasu (black pepper)
  • Ellu(sesame seeds)
  • Bella (jaggery)
  • Coconut, coconut Milk
  • Karibevu (Curry leaves)
  • banana (Balekai, bale hannu)
  • banana flower
  • baLai dandu
  • samegadde
  • suvarnagedde (Suran)
  • Spinach ( Agathi soppu)
  • ginger
  • Sweet Potato
  • Goose Berry (Amla)
  • Amla powder
  • maida
  • Suji rava( cracked wheat)
  • curry leaves
  • turmeric
  • ghee
  • milk, curds
  • sugar
  • mangoes
  • Amchur powder

Do not use

  • any dals
  • Red chillies/Green chillies
  • Coriander seeds/coriander leaves
  • tamarind
  • Most vegetables except gaddes

Curry leaves pudi:
• Fry Cracked wheat or wheat flour
• Fry curry leaves well with some black pepper, cumin seeds & salt
• grind the mixture.

Ellu (sasame, TIL) pudi:
• Fry Ellu separately & grind.
• Add sufficient amount of Black pepper, fried dry coconut, cumin seeds , salt
Grind into a fine powder

• Grate mangoes and boil it till raw smell leaves
• Also add cumin powder, Black pepper powder, curry leaves powder, salt
• Do temper with cumin seeds

• Fry Cracked wheat or rice, black pepper, small amount of cumin seeds, coconut powder and grind it
• Cut & fry raw Banana or Samegadde and boil it with water till the vegetable is soft.
• Add the grounf mixture, turmeric, curry leaves, salt.
• Sour buttermilk can be added or add grated mangoes or amchur powder.

• Grind coconut, ginger, cumin seeds and rice.
• Cut & fry any vegetable which can be used in Dwidala vrata
• Cook the vegetable
• add buttermilk, salt, turmeric, curry leaves &
• Temper with cumin seeds.

1. Mango chutney: peel the skin of ginger &mangoes. Add coconut, black pepper, cumin seeds, salt & grind together.temper with cumin seeds.
2. Similarly, chutney can be prepared with gooseberries (amla) or with amla powder instead of mangoes
3. Grind curry leaves powder, mangoes, black pepper, coconut , cumin seeds & salt and grind them together.

• Cook white rice & let it cool
• Grate mangoes & coconut & fry it with ghee
• Temper cumin seeds with curry
• Add required amount of salt, turmeric & sesame seeds powder & mix it with rice.

Vegetables palya
• Cut one of the vegetables (suvarnagadde, samegadde, cooking banana, sweet potato, spinach) in small pieces.
• Temper cumin seeds & fry the vegetables with oil (if needed, little water to boil the vegetables).
• Add black pepper powder , salt.
• You can also add curry leaves powder, coconut & turmeric powder.

Milk payasa, appi payasa, rava payasa, coconut payasa are allowed
Coconut payasa:
• Grate coconut.
• Soak Rice/Akki keep it for atleast 1/2 an hour to one hour.
• Grind the mixer well.
• Put the ingredients into heavy duty vessel & keep on stirring the ingredients.
• When it is boiling, then Sugar or Jaggery.
• If needed add milk.

Sweet items:

The most celebrated festival diwali falls in dvidala vrata. Here is a lot of permitted sweets:

Rava laddu, wheat halwa, maida halwa, maida cake, dudh peda, palkova, basanthi, coconut barfi, obattu.

Akki roti:
• Rice flour (akki hittu) – 2cups grated fresh coconut – 1/2cup
• Cumin seeds (jeera) – 1tsp, turmeric powder – 1/2tsp, oil for roasting
• Mix all the ingredients with little oil in warm water. Knead well to make soft dough.
• Spread some oil on the hand and take a lemon sized ball of the dough and pat it to thick roti.
• Heat a pan and place the prepared roti on it.
• Make 3-4 holes in the rotis and pour few drops of oil in each hole.
• Cook well on both sides till golden brown. Repeat the same with the remaining dough.

• Wheat flour dosa, rava dosa, rava idly are allowed
• Instead of green chillies/red chillies, add pepper powder and cumin powder
• Add coconut, ginger and salt into the mixture(Wheat flour/Rava). Make dosas.

Vegetable dosa:
• Peel samegedde & cut it into pieces.
• Soak the required amount of akki in hot water.
• Grind the samegedde & akki well with required amount of water. Make dosas

Coconut dosa:
Soak akki in hot water for an hour. Add coconut. Grind the akki with coconut & add cumin seeds. Make dosas

Akki adai:
• Soak rice in hot water for one hour. Add coconut,salt, ginger, cumin seeds, soaked akki & grind the ingredients.
• Instead of rice, one can add rice flour, and add coconut, curry leaves, ginger, jeerige, salt.
• Add water & mix it really well. Make dosas.

Akki bonda:
mix 1 cup of rice flour,  2 cups of hot water, salt, turmeric, coconut, ginger, curry leaves together & close the lid. After sometime, put oil in banana leaf .take a piece (a ball shaped) of the mixed ingredients & press the mixture flat on the banana leaf or aluminum foil & fry it in hot oil.

balekayai or samegedde bonda:
Cut balekai or samegadde & boil it with water. Then peel the skin & appropriate measurement of akki hittu, ginger, curry leaves, coconut & mix all ingredient including the boiled vegetable well. Take a piece of the mixed ingredients & press it on the banana leaf & fry it in hot oil.

suvarnagedde (suran) bonda:
remove the skin. Add kobbari (coconut), maida with rice flour & mix it well with salt. Make a ball & press the hittu flat & fry the bonda. You can add spinach too.
Likewise, one can prepare maida hittu bonda & rava bonda.


2 thoughts on “Dvitala Vrata Recipes

  1. Very impressive information.
    I’d like to add some – pls add some thindi ideas for stopgap solutions.. in shakavrata and dvidala vrata like for example.. what sweets or snacks can be done.
    Eg: shankarpoli, etc.
    Thank you.


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