My home navarathri golu

golu at Fremont, CA

This year golu, we managed with bunny, animals and marble dust god idols we bought from India. 

Navarathri in Bay Area is a grand celebration. Colorful dresses, classical music, variety of sundal, dinner buffet everything is ultimately divine and classic. 

This year we wanted to buy some clay dolls. Yes our next stop is imart at sunnyvale. They have huge collections of clay dolls, kondampalli dolls. We wanted to buy something which we dont have in Our home at India. So we bought the ram sethu set. Thats the highlight of our kolu. 

We made sure we have atleast one person for arshina kumkuma per day. 

Personally i feel golus are the way to have get together, meeting friends and families, enjoying the native food and having lifetime memories with the celebration. 

Golu display at my moms place, Coimbatore, India

golu by my MIL at coimbatore, India

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