Ashoonya sayana vrat · chathur maasa · MADHWA

Ashoonya Shayana Vratam

Mutual affection among Dampatis is a God-given Maha-Bhagya. Whenever it decreases, it is an indication that the Satanic-kali is at work due to one’s own Praa-rabdha or Poorva-Paapa. A matured person does not blame or curse any one for this. The Parihara for this is ‘‘Ashoonya Shayana Vratam’’.

One day Puja on Krishna Paksha Dwitiya on each month of Chatur-maasa; if possible in the evening at Chandra udaya-time. If this is inconvenient, do the puja morning itself. In the evening ordinary ‘Madi’ will do. Prepare a small new bed for the Lord. Place the Pratima of the Lord on the bed together with Lakshmi Devi.

If practicable, husband and wife, both jointly can perform this puja. If it is not practicable, either he or she can do it at their own places. It is not that this puja is meant only for Dampatis affected by mutual misunderstading. It is not like that. Each and every Dampatis can do this puja for the welfare of the family.

Vishnu Shayanotsav is the main ritual of Ashunya Shayan Vrata. On the occasion of Vrata, Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi are worshipped with Shodashopachar (16 types of puja rituals). 

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