Ananyas chintayanto maam

Once Yadavaryaru was very hungry and starving not having food for a long time. He could not get anything for his food.

One morning, he was reading Bhagavad Geetha. When he was going through the ninth adhyaya, shloka no 22 which reads as follows :

ananyāściṁtayaṁtō māṁ yē janā: paryupāsatē |

tēṣāṁ nityābhiyuktānāṁ yōgakṣēmaṁ vahāmyahaṁ |

Meaning – Those who worship me with devotion regularly, without praying the other gods/goddess and does the chintana of Srihari only always – I will protect them in all times and it is my responsibility to look after the welfare of them and that I will give them moksha which does not bring back to Samsaara.

These are the words of Srikrishna to Arjuna in Bhagavad Geetha (Adhyaya 9, shloka 22)

After reading the stanza, he thought Krishna may not have said like that. Some one must have wrongly interpreted the word incorrectly as “yogakshemam vahamyaham” and he struck these words in the book with three red lines.

As he had not got food for a long time, he was doubtful  about those lines. He went ourside for taking biksha

A while later the wife heard someone at the door. She saw an handsome boy of about 10-12 years years with a huge basket over his head.   “help me put down the basket, Your husband has sent these for you”, the boy said.  She gave a supporting hand and as he bent down to put the basket on the floor, she noticed three ugly red beating on his back, and was bleeding, as if someone had just struck him. She asked the boy “Oh my God! who did this to you?” she asked. The boy told, “it was your husband who beat me because he doubted my willingness to deliver this basket to you”. She asked the boy to wait for some time and wanted to clean the wounds, but before which the boy was disappeared.

Soon her husband returned and was surprised to see his wife busy in the kitchen. She called him and asked him to do the naivedya, hastodaka and that the food is ready.

He was shocked. Sometime back she had told nothing is there in the house, now how come such items for preparation of food. Then she told him that ” you had sent that huge basket full of fresh vegetables, and grains, enough to last us six months. But why did you beat the handsome young boy and beat him three ugly red lash-wounds on his tender back?”

He was shocked as he had not received on that day. And he told that he has not many anyone and not beaten anybody.

He rushed to the Gita he had been reading that morning and open the page which he was reading. He observed that the three lines which he had striken were missing in the Yogaksheyamam vahamyaham verse no 9.22.

Now, he realized that it is the same srihari, whom he had doubted for some time during his hungry, who had sent the vegetables and all the grains to his wife in the form of a small boy. He prostrated before the god’s idol and sought excuse for his ignorance.

Then he turned to his wife and told her that the boy who had delivered the vegetables and grains was none other than Srihari himself.


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