MADHWA · Mahalaya paksha · Pithru kaarya

Mahalaya paksha – important days

‘Kaarunya Pitrus’ and ‘Dwaadasha Pitrus’ wait for food and tila-water in your house during this Paksha.
‘Kaarunya Pitrus’ are – the late Father’s brothers, their wives & children, father’s sisters, their husbands & children, similarly in mothers side, father- in-law, mother-in-law, our Guru & his Patni, (Aapta) friends, our Yajamana, etc. — In this way, Karunya Pitrus list is long.
‘Dwaa-dasha Pitrus’ are 12. Father’s side: SIX and mother’s side: SIX. During this period, if you per- form daily tharpana and one day Paksha Shraddha for them, they bless you for your prosperity. 

Father’s Shraddha Tithi is Visesha for Mahalaya Paksha Shraddha. It would be better to perform ‘Paksha Shraddha’ on that day

 Mahaa Bharani, Madhyashtami

During Mahalaya Paksha, the day on which Bharani Nakshatra falls is ‘Maha Bharani’. Ashtami day is ‘Madhyashtami’. If Paksha Shraddha is per- formed on Maha Bharani / Madhyashtami, the Phala of the Shraddha is equal to Gaya Shraddha, says Shastra.

Mahaa vyatee – paata

There are 27 Yogas. First one is Vishkambha Yoga, the last one is Vaidrithi Yoga. 17th is Vyateepaata Yoga. This yoga is a great parva kaala for pithru kaaryas and Daanas.InDhanurmaasa,itis ‘Dhanur-Vyateepaata’.In Mahalaya Paksha, it is ‘Mahaa-Vyateepata’. This day is a great Parva Kaala for Paksha Shraddha and Tarpana.

Avidhava Navami 

The Navami during Mahalaya Paksha is ‘Avidhava Navami’. On this day, Shraddha should be performed for those who expired as ‘Sumangalis’. The son should perform this Shraddha. If no son, husband should perform. After husband’s demise, ‘Avidhava Navami’ Shraddha should be stopped. Only the an- nual Kaala-Shraddha should be performed for her, No more ‘Sumangali’ Bhojana.

Yati mahalaya

The Dwadashi during Mahalaya Paksha is ‘Yati Mahalaya’. This day is meant for Aradhana for him who expired as Sanyasi in the family. Sometimes, the thithi or day may not be known. Even for such Sanyasis, Aradhana should be performed on this day.

Gaatha Chaturdashi 

Shraddha should be performed on for those who passed away in accidents or through weapons, fire, flood, poison, etc.

Sarva Pitru Amavasya 

If Paksha Shraddha could not be performed on any of the above days, finally it can be done on Amavasya day. This day is ‘Sarva Pitru Amavasya’.